Priest or Pinocchio?

The commercial below is a reminder to all of us clergy who stand before the people of God each Sunday that they aren’t easily fooled.

People know if we are genuine or if we are just saying things we think we ought to say or heard others say. They can tell if we really know the Lord and the truths we proclaim or if we’ve just studied them. No preacher can perfectly live the Gospel he preaches, but people know when clergymen are living double lives or are being inauthentic. They know when we are merely playing a role. They know when we are half-heartedly saying what we think we’re expected to say without really believing it—a lot like Pinocchio in the commercial.

People also recognize when we are striving for holiness, really loving God and His people. They can tell whether we are men of prayer, preaching God’s word with experience because we try to live it each day and see its fruits in our lives.

Yes, I am convinced that you in the laity can tell the difference. Pray for the bishops, priests, and deacons who stand before you; pray that we will be the men that God and you deserve.

3 Replies to “Priest or Pinocchio?”

  1. Note: Sir, you’ve written only about lukewarmness in this blog post, but I wanted to mention also about those who teach heresies. I went a bit off-topic, but only because these topics (of hypocrisy and heresy) are related.

  2. Wow…… Wow, again. May God bless Msgr Pope for his candor. The truth does set one free, but it can be painful to the listener, and lonely for the messenger.

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