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I have to admit, I have not often been a big fan of modern Church music. I am more traditional in my tastes. (A big exception to this has been Gospel Music which I  love and which is in its own way is traditional – in the African American Community).  But other more contemporary Christian music has often remained off my radar. I find it a little too centered on us and not enough on God. Yet in recent months, mostly working for this blog I have stumbled upon certain modern Christian music that I find quite good. It is musically more pleasing as well as being more centered on God, or at least inviting us to consider God. I’d like to offer some of those songs here. I have posted some of the best of these songs and the videos that accompany them before but collect them here for your reference. All of these songs are available at iTunes. You may not have time listen to them all now, but perhaps save the link and listen little by little.

Jesus Christ, You Are My Life – Monseñor Marco Frisina

Still – Hillsong

Take My Life – Passion

Let The Healing Begin – Michael John Poirier

Take Me In – Kutless

As The Deer – America’s Top 25

Lord I Lift Your Name On High – Maranatha Singers

Come to Jesus – Chris Rice

Grounded in Love – Justin Stroh

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  1. “Praise the LORD. Sing to the LORD a new song, his praise in the assembly of the saints.” – Psalm 149:1

    Since we’re sharing, here are some of my favourite contemporary songs:

    Receive The Power by Guy Sebastian and Paulini (former World Youth Day song)

    There Is A Day by Phatfish

    I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me

    Well With My Soul by Brenton Brown

    I remember once hearing somebody read out loud a scathing review of “this new worship music”, complaining about pretty much everything – the melody, the harmony, the lyrics etc. describing it all as “modern rubbish”. The person reading this review then told us that this wasn’t actually written in the last couple of years, but in 1700’s! The author was complaining about the new style of hymn which was coming into use – those composed by people like Charles Wesley, which now are much loved and have since received “classic” status.

    Musical tastes can shift over time, but I guess what’s important is that there is the same worshipping heart behind it, regardless of the kind of music that ushers you into the presence of the King…

    “When the music fades
    All is stripped away
    And I simply come
    Longing just to bring
    Something that’s of worth
    That will bless your heart

    “I’ll bring You more than a song
    For a song in itself
    Is not what You have required
    You search much deeper within
    Through the way things appear
    You’re looking into my heart”

    When The Music Fades by Matt Redman

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