The Face of Christ

In a world filled with images and voices that are contrary to Christ we should heed well the message of this video that we keep our eyes fixed on the face of Christ. There are some today who masquerade as Christ. Perhaps they proclaim part of his message, but they ignore the rest. Heresy involves emphasizing one truth to the exclusion of all others. And so we must look to the face of Christ, the true Christ revealed by the Scriptures and the Tradition of the Church.

A final thought: if you do not know my face then you might confuse anyone as me. If you know me only vaguely, you may have some parameters but still may mistake others for me. If you you know me well, it will be hard to mistake anyone for me. Hence we must strive to know Christ well, to know his face. Then we can distinguish him from others. Seek and know the face of Christ!

The Latest Song from Justin Stroh
The Lyrics are posted in the COMMENTS section of this post.

2 Replies to “The Face of Christ”

  1. Here are the Lyrics:

    Face of Christ
    Copyright 2003 Justin Stroh

    Your voice is calling all to leave mediocrity
    Rejecting shallow religiosity
    Your Call is training in holiness
    Through the prayer of the Church

    I must keep my gaze
    Upon the face of Christ
    Growing deeper with You
    In a faith that proclaims life
    I will cast my net, upon Your command
    And put out into the deep

    The fragments of our culture, Yearn for Your touch
    We need Your presence at the heart of all we do
    Your call is mercy and informed conscience
    Discovering Your face anew!

    I must wait upon Your grace to give the call
    Lest I toil all night, even though I might give all!

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