Believe in God? You’re never alone!

In downtown Washington, I noticed this sign on the side of a bus stop. It seems that a group of atheists has purchased advertising space throughout the Washington Metro system with this depressing message.

“To spray paint or not to spray paint?”; That was my question.

I had immediate thoughts of how I could possibly blunt this foolish message.  Though I would never actually do such as thing, the use of spray paint came to mind. I was outraged to say the least. But, the most comforting part of my reaction was that I was not alone in my anger.

Don’t believe in Atheists? Join the Club!

I do not exactly have a poker face so my disgust was fairly obvious to others at the bus stop. Immediately, another of my fellow Washingtonians shared his disgust. Soon enough, several people at bus stop were praising God by talking about the ridiculousness of such an ad campaign.  It should be noted that not one atheist was in sight to defend the sign.

“No weapon formed against you shall prosper!” – Isaiah 54:17

Here is the irony. A sign designed to insult our faith in God and turn others further away from Christ prompted a bunch of strangers to share our testimony of the goodness of God. It was almost like we were having church while waiting for a Metro bus. Now, admittedly, most church services don’t start with a deacon exclaiming, “Can you believe this mess?!” but, it was church nonetheless.  This experience was proof to me that God’s prophecy to Isaiah was true – “No weapon formed again you can prosper.  Every tongue you shall prove false that launches an accusation against you. This is the lot of the servants of the LORD, their vindication from me, says the LORD.” – Is 54:17.

The weapon in this case was a sign at a bus stop insulting our faith.  The result was a group of Christians exclaiming their faith.  When something like this happens, how could you NOT believe in God?

The New Evangelization”

The Archbishop of Washington recently released a letter entitled “The New Evangelization.” As the title suggests, it concerns itself with the need to spread our faith as well as strengthen the faith of those who already call themselves Catholic. The need for evangelization takes on a new urgency when one realizes that the enemy is hard at work doing the exact opposite – just read the signs.  And remember, if you don’t believe in God, you are more alone than you think!

Check out Cardinal-designate Wuerl’s letter at

8 Replies to “Believe in God? You’re never alone!”

  1. I would think that someone who is secure in his/her atheism would feel sorry for us poor suckers rather than be offended by or feel any need to disparage our expressions of faith.

  2. I would think that someone who is secure in his/her religion would feel sorry for those poor suckers, rather than be offended by or feel any need to disparage their beliefs.

    1. Mark,

      I was offended because if you look at the organization sponsoring the ad, it is called the Coalition for Reason (C of R). It’s name implies that Christians (or any religious people) are mindless in their beliefs and brainwashed. The real message is that if we were really intelligent, we wouldn’t believe in God. I disagree and was offended.

  3. I would second Mark’s comment. While I believe in God, and find atheism to be sad, I dont see how that sign could be construed as offensive or as an attack on my faith. Nice that it had the result of bringing believers together who otherwise would not have, but I wonder about your reaction. Why did the sign provoke disgust (which comes dangerously close to hate) rather than pity?

    1. Michael,

      See my comment to Mark. Perhaps I should have pointed out the name of the organization. When I encounter and non-believer, I do not assume they are less intelligent. Rather, I assume that they have yet to hear a convincing Gospel message. This organization seems to think we are less intelligent or don’t reason our faith.

      Also, disgust and anger are not necessarily bad things. If I did not get angry over an injustice, I would not be motivated to fight it. While I must fight it using moral means (thus the absence of spray paint in my reaction), I must fight it nonetheless.

  4. Your comments point out the very reason that I am an atheist. I would not force or impose my beliefs on anyone else, so what would give you right to impose yours on me? The very mention of the possibility of this, while in direct contradiction with your beliefs, incites hostility and bitter anger in you towards this organization. You wouldn’t like it if someone spray painted the side of your church, so why would you do that another person’s property? I don’t think that this sign was meant to insult your beliefs or marginalize your faith, I think it’s just to let people like me know that we are not alone in OUR beliefs.

    So many wars, deaths, and persecution of minorities have been carried out in name of religion for thousands of years by those with extremely myopic viewpoints. How many more people must die in the name of religion? If there were no religion, 9/11 we would probably never have happened and we would not be at war in the middle East.

    “The truth shall set you free, but first it shall make you miserable.”

    Shame on you! I should not be shunned or ashamed for my belief in atheism!

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