How Alex Jones Found Truth in the Catholic Church

                                            Alex Jones is a former Pentecostal Minister who found his way to the Catholic Church. It wasn’t easy for im to become a Catholic since he had a lot to loose. But he could not resist the Call of the Lord and the Church is now blesed to have him as a member and and effective Evangelizer. In These Videos of his conversion story he describes how, through his reading of the Fathers of the Church, he was struck at how Catholic the early Church was.

The Rest of the talk can be found here:
Part 4

Part 5

2 Replies to “How Alex Jones Found Truth in the Catholic Church”

  1. Awsome conversion! So often I zeal for the conversion that so many converts experience! Boy the skies are the limit if all “cradle catholics” has such a zeal! thanks

  2. Hello,
    Thank you for your message. Deacon Jones I am a Catholic and have been all my life. My perents were different becaues my Mother was Catholic and my Father was Pentecoastal. My father has gone to be with the Lord in 2006 and he always had something good to say about the Catholic church. My Mother is different becaues she done not like Chistians even though we are Chistians to. What I am trying to say is why do some Catholics and Chistian talk bad about each other, while we are all followers of Jesus Chist? I just wanted to share this with you .

    Thank you and God Bless

    Phil Gallegos

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