Is the Syria of Today the Assyria of the Bible?

091013Given all the talk of Syria in the news lately, I was asked if Syria is the same “Assyria” that is mentioned in the Bible. The answer is no from a political perspective. The modern state of Syria was formed after World War I and became independent after World War II.

However, there are historical connections to ancient Assyria, including some similar territory. Given the recent news, perhaps we can take a brief look at ancient Assyria and the role it played in Biblical history. As with everything in Scripture, there are important teachings and admonitions for us.

Assyria was one of the Great Mesopotamian powers along with the Babylonians and the nearby Persians. The areas they occupied are roughly close to the borders of modern day Syria (Assyria), Iraq (Babylon) and Iran (Persia). Assyria in particular, was located to the east and Northeast of the Northern Kingdom of Israel stretching into Mesopotamia (the broad plain between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers). See map at upper right, click to enlarge.

Assyria as a nation began a rise to power in the 13th Century BC and contended with Egypt and Babylon for control of the area of Palestine. During this time, The Jewish people were in bondage in Egypt.

Assyria enjoyed a kind of “Golden age” from 12th – 10 Centuries BC. but became weakened through corruption and increasing hostilities with Babylon to its south. It was during this time that the Jews reentered Palestine and reached their own “Golden Age” under King David. Even after David, Omri the King of Israel had conquered part of Assyria and the Land of Aram near modern day Damascus and Made an alliance with the Phoenicians to the North (modern day Lebanon). This was the height of the North Kingdom’s (Israel) power, and the Assyrian armies were largely held in check.

But, beginning in the 9th Century BC Assyria began a reform that led to it arising once more as a formidable power. During that same period, (9th – 8th Centuries BC), The Jews were in a decline as the Northern Kingdom of Israel and the Southern Kingdom of Judah had divided and were engaged in increasing conflict and even outright war with one another.

Assyria grew stronger, and by the early 8th Century and began to dominate the nations of the Ancient Near East, with Israel still being its most formidable foe.

Among the newer weapons the Assyrians employed were the battering ram, along with ladders to scale ancient walls. The Assyrians were also great charioteers, having some 2,ooo chariots, most of them large enough to carry two or three men with weapons. Assyria also had a reputation for great bowmen, slingers and even some cavalry.

Israel by comparison at the time had only 10 chariots and tended to win more through superior tactics than by lots of equipment.

By the late 8th Century (c.a. 725 BC) Assyrian had reconquered Babylon and was dominating Israel, demanding tribute. The Prophets had been warning Israel that due to her sins, she was growing weaker and her enemies were growing stronger. God sent Elijah and Elisha, Amos and Hosea. Each in their own way warned that power had corrupted the northern Kingdom of Israel.

Elijah and Elisha warned of the extreme spiritual danger posed by the false worship of the Baals by many in Israel and the toleration of this by many more. Hosea depicted Israel as a false Bride who in her infidelity had become an adulterer and prostitute. He poured out God’s heart and reminded Israel of its first Love and that God’s was calling her back. Amos minced no words and denounced Israel for her injustice to the poor, violence and of even being willing to sacrifice her children to false gods!

Yet there was a consistent refusal to heed the call to repent. This period is the background for the story of the Prophet Jonah who was sent by God to Nineveh, the Capitol of Assyria to preach repentance. Jonah knew that if they repented they would grow stronger, so he fled and refused the mission. God pursued him, and after the storm at sea and a whale of a ride, Jonah did go, and the Assyrians of Nineveh did repent, and thereby grew stronger.

The final showdown with Israel came in 721 B.C. during the reign of King Hoshea who foolishly and against prophetic instruction made a pact with Egypt and refused to pay tribute to Assyria. Shalmanesar,  King of Assyria attacked the Northern Kingdom of Israel utterly destroying it (cf 2 Kings 17). Those who survived disappeared into exile (the so-called “10 Lost Tribes” of Israel).  The few who remained intermarried with the Assyrians and became the Samaritan people.

An attempt to destroy the Southern Kingdom of Judah was miraculously turned back at the gates of Jerusalem when a likely case of dysentery afflicted the Assyrian army. Further conflicts in the decades ahead with Egypt and Babylon eclipsed Assyrian power once again. By the close of the 7th Century Assyria was little more than a loose confederation of Scythian Tribes.

The Modern State of Syria, though occupying Land similar to ancient Assyria, is not equivalent to or even a direct descendent of ancient Assyria. Syria was established after the first World War and was governed by the French who replaced the Ottomans. Syria gained independence in April 1946, as a parliamentary republic. But the  post-independence period has been stormy, with a large number of military coups especially in the years  1949–1971.

A final thought. Jesus warned the people of his own day, This is a wicked generation. It asks for a sign, but none will be given it except the sign of Jonah (Lk 11:29)  Jesus was harkening back to the historical paradox that when Israel would not repent, he frequently used the pagan nations around them to humble and purify them. Since Israel would not repent, God sent Jonah to strengthen the Assyrians and God eventually used Assyria to prune Israel, and execute justice for its failure to repent.

And thus for the people of Jesus time, if they would not repent, and come to believe, they, in their foolishness like Hoshea of old, would wage war, this time against the Romans, and suffer a horrible blow. That in fact happened in 70 AD when the Temple was destroyed and 1.2 million Jews died in the war.

It is a mysterious providence but it is also written to warn us. If we do not repent, we cannot be strong, and our enemies will surely overwhelm us. And what will our Assyria, our Rome be? It could be radical Islam, it could be our debt crisis, it could be our demographic winter. But by failing to repent, by our injustice, our refusal to keep commitments, our rising unbelief and ingratitude, by our sacrificing our children on the “altars” of our lust and our burning incense to the “gods” of this age, we are calling a just punishment and grave consequences that cannot forever wait.

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  1. It must get really confusing when someone from there today says, “I’m a Syrian!” Ha!

  2. He has every right in this world to be angry. To just decimate us. Every time i contemplate this finally being the end of things as we know it, that still quiet voice reminds me that His ways are not our ways. That i’m imputing to Him, what i feel. Then i’m reminded of a large but quiet upsurge of people undergoing true repentance. That others credible others testimony reminds us that God is in fact very busy at this period in our history, touching lives in a direct way. Faith hope and charity are alive and slowly blooming. As a boomer, i see an age of miracles happening. Truly miraculous things as signs that no matter how soiled, sullen and lost we have become, His love is strong enough to overcome it all. HIS love will win this, not ours. But many will come to directly feel that ocean of mercy and grace. In doing so, they will stand as open witnesses to His being. I feel for the many who right now are so terrified, they are buying their pure beeswax candles and sending for their blessed grapes to carry them through the 3 days of Darkness. How i wish they would listen. those in the darkness have seen a great Light. How wise, how compassionate, how patient and loving is our God!! I love Him.

    1. O yes. Isaiah 19:22-25…25…”blessed is Egypt My people, and Assyria the work of My hands, and Israel My inheritance.”

  3. This column is helpful except that you actually perpetuate the mistaken identification of Syria with Assyria. In reality they are completely different, and the area ruled by ancient Assyria was much closer to modern-day Iraq than modern-day Syria. The ruins of its capital, Nineveh, are just across the Tigris River from modern-day Mosul, Iraq. The biblical Hebrew name for Assyria is Asshur, whereas the biblical name for Syria is Aram, referring the land around Damascus, far to the southwest of Assyria.

    1. Did you read the article? Msgr. Pope clearly wrote that “The Modern State of Syria, though occupying land similar to ancient Assyria, is not equivalent or even a direct descendant of ancient Assyria.” I think it was made clear that modern Syria and ancient Assyria are not related politically, but only in a limited geographic sense.

      1. Thanks Ed for reiterating what I did say. And to Ella, what you say is true, but as the Map shows in the article, Assyria, at least at its height did occupy a good bit of the same land as modern Syria as well as modern day Iraq. Aram at other periods also occupied some of the same land. We ought to remember that we are dealing with a period of roughly 800 years, and boundaries did shift back a forth a good bit during those years, as the map shows.

    2. I was just trying to figure out where a modern day Assyria would be and I didn’t get clarity until your post Ella, thx!

  4. To paraphrase: “Those who do not learn by history are doomed to repeat it”… Why, oh why, do we keep making the same mistakes over and over and over again?!?!

    Thank you, God, for your infinite patience and mercy. To say we would be lost without it is the understatement to end all understatements.

    1. I think you answered your question at the beginning of your remarks. Federally subsidizedd public education controlled by the liberal secular establishment.

    2. “Why, oh why, do we keep making the same mistakes over and over and over again? !?!”
      I will tell you why we keep making the same mistakes over and over and over again. Our God tells us why in his word.
      Jeremiah 10:23 I well know. O Jehovah, that man’s ways does not belong to him. It does not bot belong to man who is walking even to direct his steps.
      Yet time and time again, mankind tries to do what they are told that they can not do on their own successfully. And now we are here today, in what the Bible describes as the “final part of the days”. Once again, God is going to wipe out unrepentant mankind from the face of this world. leaving it to be inhabited by those that are willing to submit to his rule and kingdom. After all, he is the creator of all things. Therefore does he not have the legal right to say how we should live?

      1. Geness 3:12 Adam blamed eve then God but not him self. He did not accept his own failure. Job 31:33 not his disobedience, but to be unable to repent, caused by pride. Adam was going to fail, if he was to learn of God’s love; Jesus. We must also be as loving, can man go as far? We shall pray.

  5. Is Damascus of current day Syria the same place to which Saint Paul was traveling when he encountered Christ? (on the road to Damascus…)

    1. Yes. Damascus is often referred to as the longest continuously inhabited city in the world.

      1. And the population never changes. Every time a baby is born in Damascus, a man leaves town.

  6. Given the clear and multiple threats to what is left of Western civilization, the Biblical precedent ( or even testimony of more recent historical events), not to mention the obvious linkage between self inflicted wounds and impending disaster ( contraception and demographic winter, greed and the economic collapse/ debt crisis) one would think sheer fear would get us to think about repentance. Looks like it will not.
    We are want as a people bad things and we are going to get what we want good and hard. It has already begun.

  7. You are right Msgr. The nation that kills 54,000,000 of its own citizens since 1973 is truly ripe for judgement!
    And how does one stop God from executing His Justice?

  8. Yes, Ella is right about some of the historical facts about Assyria and Syria. I am Chaldean Catholic who speaks a modern dialect of Aramaic, the language if Jesus, but what good is speaking the language of Jesus as many members of my community speak; if we do not live His teaching! We must be the new Isreal and live a life worthy of our baptismal sacrament. Christians, especially Christians from the Middle East, must be a stronger witness to our Arab neighbors, that Christ is answer to all the troubles in the Middle East. Yes Tom, the current city of Damascus is the same Damascus in the Book of Acts.

    1. Yes Christ is the answer to all our troubles, and that is why we should follow Him and not a false religion or doctrine such as Catholic church teaches, who pray to Mary, who was a woman, but blessed, and not God. We are only to pray to God through Jesus, not to anyone else. where does it say in the Bible to pray to Mary?
      The Pope and bishops are not mentioned in the Bible, only apostles, deacons, etc. The pope promotes himself as Holy Father when God says we are not to call anyone that. The pope is not infallible, in fact an evil liar, denying that Christ is the only way to God. He joins with other religions and says that they can get there, even by saying about good works and giving to the poor. No one can get to heaven but through Jesus only not other religions and not by works. A Christian will give to the poor anyway by following Christ and God’s commands.
      We must believe and repent to be saved. Even though it is right to be baptised, there is nothing written about sacraments in the Bible. We cannot get to be with God by sacraments and man-made evil traditions and ways.
      The Catholic so-called Church used to say that they were the only true church and try to breed fear into their followers to control them, and say if they weren’t a catholic they would go to hell, and now they have done a complete turn around and told another lie to control people by joining with Muslims and others who are antichrist and say that we have common ground and believe in God. But they do not believe in the one and only true God but instead false gods. The Pope even tries to deceive the Muslims as well as everyone else.
      Also the Bible states that anyone who teaches to abstain from certain foods and tells them not to marry is from a doctrine of demons. The Catholics used to say not to eat meat on Fridays and now Lent? (never heard of Lent in God’s Word) and they get the nuns and priests to make a vow not to marry. This is an evil that they impose on men who are not following God anyway. They are telling them to suppress their natural desires of being with a woman, so they then take it out on unsuspecting innocent alter boys behind closed doors and ruin their lives. What right do they have to say who is a saint or not. All people who go to heaven are saints. The Catholic evil false church with their false religion has a lot to be held accountable for, and their followers, who are teaching a false doctrine to others to be as evil as them and burn in hell too. Also the Anglicans who stemmed from Catholic church and only started their false church because King Henry the IIIX wanted to annul his marriage and the Pope wouldn’t let him, have gay bishops, women pastors, etc, all antichrist teachings, against what God says in the Bible, false teachings!

      1. I believe that Mary, Servant of God, Mother of our Lord, Jesus the Christ, would so not want us to pray to her and worship her… obedient to God and blessed she was…God she is not. There is only the one true living God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we are not to put any other “god” before Him.
        I was raised Catholic, and it’s only by the grace of God that I came to see this… Reading the Bible for myself now, instead of letting someone else tell me what it says. Thank you, God, and peace to everyone…

      2. You are right, Jesus is the only way to spend eternity with The Father of ALL Things. I do want us not forget that command to love thy neighbor as thyself! JESUS went further to say love even our enemies, so we can reflect the awe light of the LORD! Although I am not Catholic I am the daughter and grand daughter of a beautiful illustration of GOD and HIS love, so while those in power that move by deception may have agenda GOD knows the heart of EVERY man and each will be judged by its contents. We must be careful not to curse or damn anyone as that power is Christ JESUS’s alone! We are simply to spread the gospel and live by its light as a testimony to JESUS goodness and the mercy of The Holy Spirit. We mustn’t allow evil of this world to make us move with guile or hatred for anyone, truth should bring peace not acussation , the acuser satan does that well by himself!

  9. That is a neat map if you take the trouble to zoom in on it. Tarsus, Jerusalem, Tyre and Sidon, Damascus, those bible towns, all are on it, as well as Greece, and the Greek towns, and Babylon, which must have been far away to the Jews, but to us moderns appears close.

  10. 11 Sept. 1973 Chile.

    Shame on the USA.

    My wife is Catholic and I am a regular church goer. We (European) usually vote for this form of government; and we quite often win the elections. And the Socialists ‘always’ leave government if we loose…..

    1. Something must have got lost in translation. I get that your wife is Catholic, you both are (European), you vote socialist and if you lose, socialist ‘always’ leave government…. and shame on the USA. My guess is you are probably French.

  11. My nephew married a girl whose family was from NW Iraq. They are known as Syriac Catholics and the wedding liturgy had a lot of Aramaic which is related to Syriac and other languages of the area. The aunts did that ululating thing you hear in movies like Lawrence of Arabia – I’m sure the Hebrews did it, too. I had a long talk with the dad who came with his wife to the US when he was in his 30s. He said they were ethnically Assyrians. And their homeland was around Nineveh which is now Kurdish territory in Iraq. His brother was killed in that mass slaying in the Catholic church in Baghdad a few years back He told me when Alexander and the Greeks took over and controlled their territory along with most everything else, the Greeks called the Assyrians “Syrians” for some reason. That was the start of the mix-up about Assyrians and Syrians. What the Greeks did was similar to what the Western Powers did to that area after WW I – label people to suit themselves and their governing decisions. .

    When you look at that map it shows the Assyrian Empire, but does not delineate the Assyrian homeland. There was a Roman Empire but that didn’t mean that everyone in the empire was a Roman; same with the Assyrian Empire. France and England pretty much decided what territory was Syria to suit themselves, not the people who were within the lines they drew.

    I’m glad you addressed this topic. Sad to say, most Latin Catholics don’t have much understanding of the very earliest Christians of that area, many of whom are fellow Catholics. The Assyrian Catholic mentioned above thinks Latin Catholics mostly think that Catholics in Iraq are all Chaldeans and they aren’t at all. Totally different histories. The Catholic Chaldeans have ancient ties to the Nestorians (and are mostly East of the rivers) but re-joined the Catholic world; the Assyrians were never Nestorians (and lived West of the rivers).

  12. Continuation of Repent and believe in the Gospel.
    “Tuesday night Presedent Obama made his case in a televised address to the Nation that Congress should give him authority to punish Basher Assed and his Government with air strikes for their alleged role in a chemical weapons attack that reportedly killed more than 1,400 persons including 400 children. The images of this massacre are’ sickening ‘Obama said.
    O please are you kidding me? what about the 54,000,000 babies in the wombs of their mothers savagely slaughtered, dismembered, disemboweled, large trocars driven into their brains to collapse their skulls to facilitate delivery of the head, throats slashed and literally cut to pieces, long sharp needles introduced into the heart to inject potassium and digoxin to finish them off-is President Obama ok with this is he ‘sickened ‘with this, apparently not or he has not been educated about it; he continues to put his stamp of approval on the wholesale murdering of the unborn child. A monstrosity that is equivalent to poisonous gas perpetrated by Basher Assed on innocent Syrians. Both incidences with Obama and Assed are equally heinous and cry out to God for vengeance; the day of calamity of these two dictators is inevitable. Two wrong do not make a right, both men are culpable
    Lord have mercy on us.

    1. I agree with you, Gloria Schotten, and with “Love The Lord God First” author. But Msgr. Charles Pope, in his own article- (“Is the Syria of today the same as the biblical Assyria”)-AVOIDED mentioning the EXTREME EVIL of ABORTION when he said:”… we’re sacrificing our children today on the altars of lust…”. Also, there is no biblical basis for him saying that the Assyrians were turned away at the “gates of Jerusalem”, because of “likely dysentery”. The Assyrians were defeated from breaking down the gates of Jerusalem, because the angel of the Lord killed 185,000 Assryian soldiers in one night (2 Kings 19:35). If Msgr. Pope tries to say that he was not referring to that event or time, then ask him what time he was referring to when- as Msgr. Pope in his own words stated- the Assyrians were turned away at the “gates of Jerusalem”!

  13. “Amos minced no words and denounced Israel for her injustice to the poor, violence and of even being willing to sacrifice her children to false gods!”
    Substitute Amerika for Israel and (as Yogi Berra would say) “it’s deja vu all over again….”
    Wonder who Yahweh will use as the hammer to smash us sinners here in North America?

  14. I realize that I am completely off topic here but, it is my opinion that this is important enough. Only my feeling about that.
    I read in my facebook timeline that, at it’s reported that in more than 50 large US cities it is illegal to feed the homeless or, I suppose, any needy person. The motive seems to be that it will somehow make the problem go away if the victims are made to suffer.
    I doubt if there’s any willful intent for religious persectuion here however; if one were to read Matthew 25:31-36 it becomes apparent that it’s now illegal (in some places) for Christians to feed the Son of God if He’s hungry.

  15. Peter Wolczuk,

    Your first statement is correct; your second, not so much.

    No matter how important you may think your topic is, hijacking a thread is the height of Internet rudeness.

    Please find another – legitimate – way to advance your concerns without violating established standards of behavior which benefit everybody. It’s easy to imagine how a comment thread could become saturated with unrelated comments if everybody claimed the right to an exception based upon their “feelings” as you have done. It wouldn’t be effective for you because readership would drop due to the difficulty in sorting out the wheat from the chaff.


  16. Thank you “Julia” for your informative geography.

    And thanks to Gloria Schotten for your stand to speak out for the 54,000,000 unborn who Obama does not care about. 40 Days are starting soon, let us continue to pray.

  17. I started reading the bible just months ago and i am amazed that god spent so much time on earth, i never knew, and everytime i read the words “as it is today” I Google it, not because I’m disbelieving but because its nice to see that once was still is. I to was confused about Assyria and Syria and now I know. Thanks to all!

  18. No one know the exact date when our Lord and Savior will return, but those who have eyes to see and ears to hear can look around them and see the time is getting closer. We are for told there will be wars and famine. These are not just ones that are fought with soldiers but those of gangs, drug dealers, and of moral corruptions, they are wars that tear down our families which will undoubtedly be the distruction of our governments. These are wars of Satan! The famines are not of just the lack of food, it is a lack of worshipping God our Eternal Father and His Son Jesus Christ! We see this all around us everywhere. It seems none can excape! We must look around too at the good that exists, God has not forsaken us, He is still near. He is waiting for us to turn to Him and ask for His help and guidance, and forgivness. With humble hearts and our desire to follow Him with faith and love on Him and our Lord Jesus Christ we will be blessed. Come what may if we live our lives according to Gods will and not the ways of the world, we will be prepared to return to our Heavenly Father in righteousness! Seach for the truth that has been restored for Christ church is restored to the world in these latter-days as told in Isaiah 29. Not a church that has a mortal man in charge who thinks he has the holy priesthood. But one who has Christ’s priesthood authority givien by the laying on of hands by those who have been given the authority by and through Christ Jesus in these latter-days. Seek and ye shall find, pray fervently and God will direct your path. These things are true, my knowledge is sure through the blessings of the Holy Spirit who bares all truth. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

  19. I am Assyrian and I really reallyyyyy hate it when people don’t know the difference between the too.

    1. Please, instead of being so angry, educate. History is no longer being taught. Most young people have no idea of the history of the U.S.A. even though they live here. And, a simple reminder that no one can know everything. I would bet there are areas where your lack of knowledge could irritate others. It’s called Grace when we overlook instead of verbally attacking.

  20. Syria is populated by the same people regionally as Assyria… Therefore regionally Syria is the same as Assyria… The decentents of ancient Assyria… The Origen of one of the army’s that join forced with the dark ones of the kittim in the battle against the sons of light…

  21. How can I still be confused? Is the land (ground; geographical location) that we call Syria today a part of the land that was Assyria?

  22. I have a serious question. Is the babylon of Revelation the same as the babylon from the OT? If so then consider this….
    Isaiah 47:8 (The Fall of Babylon)
    “I am, and there is none besides me. I will never be a widow.”

    Zephaniah 2:15 (Against Assyria)
    “I am, and there is none besides me.”

    and finally….
    Revelation 18:7
    “I sit a queen; I am not a widow, and I will never mourn.”

    so if the prophecy of babylon in the OT is the same as mystery babylon of the NT, shouldnt they still be one in the same judgements? Babylon and Assyria are proclaiming the status of being the top dog. So for the last question, shouldnt the babylon in revelation be a powerful nation from the middle east and NOT america or madagascar?

  23. Assyrians are still around today in north Iraq (Nineveh Plains), part of southeast Turkey and northeast Syria also known as Christens of Iraq (by parts we are talking a few thousand year old Assyrian villages) Assyria will rise again for it is promised to us by the God of Abraham (Our father in heaven) Support Assyria! in Jesus name Amen

  24. syria is mentioned apart from Assyria in Isaiah. It has been around since then.

  25. Thank you all for such informative reading. I began to read Nahum 2 and wondered about present day Ninevah, Assyria. I apologise to those who have frequently been incorrectly identified through ignorance. However none of it really matters to a dead person, does it? I agree with Paul’s words re baptism and new life. (Rom 6; Gal 2:20) Now I have a new Kingdom’s culture, free of mens traditions so I need to concentrate on letting Yeshua live instead of me. He is so much more than someone to follow, for my life depends on Him, the Lover of my soul.

    1. I know that the fullness of the gospel is on the earth today as I speak! The world fell away in to a great apostasy after the Apostles were killed off (the dark ages when men brought in ways of worship of men not of The savior or of his father).When I first heard these words( of the Sacrament Prayers) they were as wonderful and uplifting to me as the Lords Prayer that gave us a inspired Template in how we could communicate with our Father in heaven who we ask of in the name of the only begotten the Messiah/The Anointed one/ The Christ He was the only one who could Atone for us that through him and through repentance and baptism we could have eternal life(The dead also, 1 Corinthians 15:29) in other words we could go back to live in his presence and live in a family unit (to be exalted)…When we partake of the Sacrament we are renewing our covenants that we make when we are baptized Here are the wonderful Prayers that the Savior wants us to say when we partake of the Sacrament…. O God, the Eternal Father, we ask thee in the name of thy Son, Jesus Christ, to bless and sanctify this bread to the souls of all those who partake of it, that they may eat in remembrance of the body of thy Son, and witness unto thee, O God, the Eternal Father, that they are willing to take upon them the name of thy Son, and always remember him and keep his commandments which he has given them; that they may always have his Spirit to be with them. Amen.

      The manner of administering the water—he shall take the cup also, and say:

      O God, the Eternal Father, we ask thee in the name of thy Son, Jesus Christ, to bless and sanctify this water to the souls of all those who drink of it, that they may do it in remembrance of the blood of thy Son, which was shed for them; that they may witness unto thee, O God, the Eternal Father, that they do always remember him, that they may have his Spirit to be with them. Amen. God bless to you all… believers of our Father in heaven Christian/Jewish/Muslim and I do Pray for anyone particularly in the middle east who desires a peaceful life will be blessed with it in this life or the life to come. Ahmen to that. Jonathan Atkinson England

  26. Although not exactly the same, you could look at Syria as similar to Palestine, only in the sense that their current names derive from the former, original nations (Philistine and Assyria) under mandate powers from far away, outside countries. Except, Syria has actually been made a country where as Palestine is basically an anti-Israeli, Arab nomadic area, Who claim their right to be there, is that they’re decendants of the Philistines!…sorry, no they aren’t .. As mentioned already, the majority of the true Assyrian blood is lost, there is still a surviving remnant and I too believe God will deliver those and not forget them.

  27. I too, was searching for further information concerning Assyria and Syria. This blog has been most informative!! Thank you so much…..May God protect us all.

  28. Assyria and Assyrian is an Aramaic language and blood lineage, but Syrians are Arabs speaking Arabic. Even today, much of Iran does not gel well with the rest of the Middle East as it has Aramaic blood and not Arab.

  29. Syrians segregated from Assyrians by way of Arameans, whereas Arameans turned to Christians and Syrians turned to Arab muslims. You’d say it’s safe to say, that Syrians were the segregated exclave of Assyrian tribal system. Nowadays some of Assyrians and Syrians accepting this theory, some opposing hard against it. Armenians call Assyrians ASORINER, and Syrians SURYATSINER. only Armenians call Assyrians by their ancient ethnic name, which is ASORI. go and figure.

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