Life in the Balance – And why Earth-like planets may be rare

The video below is a very creative representation of what the day and night sky on Earth would look like if the earth had rings like Saturn. It is well worth a view.

But it puts me in the mind of pondering the delicate balance of life on this earth and, though the artwork in the video is beautiful, I suspect that the presence of rings would dramatically alter life on this earth, perhaps even annihilate it.

By way of disclaimer, let me say I am not a geologist or astronomer. But a number of things concern me about the presence of rings and then cause me, as a Christian and amateur theologian, to once again thank God for the incredible and rare conditions he maintains on this earth, so that we can live. Let me explain.

Rare Earth?? While most people, including most scientists, presume that there may be billions of inhabitable planets out there a lot like earth, there is another theory base (called “rare earth theory”) that is dubious of such a high number.

There are not just a few things that come together to support life on earth, there are many. Here are just a few:

  1. The earth is at just the right distance from the sun so that water is warm enough to melt, but not so hot as to boil and steam away into space. Water is also able in this habitable zone to both evaporate and condense at lower levels in the atmosphere, thus permitting a more even distribution of water, and a cycle of water over dry land known as precipitation.
  2. The earth is in a “habitable zone” in the galaxy too. Closer to the center of galaxies, radiation and the presence of wandering planetoids make life there unlikely.
  3. We have the nearby presence of two “gas giants” (Jupiter and Saturn) that attract and catch many wandering asteroids and comets and keep them form hitting the earth often.
  4. Our molten core and volcanism generate a magnetic field that protects the earth from the most harmful rays of the sun. Volcanism also has a role in helping generate our atmosphere and in cycling rich minerals widely.
  5. Our sun is just the right kind of star, putting out a fairly steady amount of energy. Other types of stars are more variable in their output and this variance can utterly destroy life or cause it to be impossible due to the extremes caused.
  6. The earth’s fairly rapid rotation reduces the daily variation in temperature It also makes photosynthesis viable since there is enough sunlight all over the planet.
  7. The earth’s axis tilt relative to it orbital plane is also just right to allow seasonal variations that help complex life but not so tilted as to make the seasons too extreme.
  8. The moon also has a good effect by causing tides that are just enough to permit tidal zones (a great breading ground for diverse life) and not too severe so as to destroy life by extreme tides.

So life here is in the balance of many fascinating things (and a lot more I don’t have time to mention). Just Google “Rare Earth Theory” to read more.

Now, what would rings do to this balance? I suspect a lot of damaging things. Three particularly come to mind.

  1. Interference with the tides might be significant since I suspect that the gravitational effect of the rings (rings, though they look like thin wafers, are really bands of rocks in fairly close orbit around a planet) would likely pull the ocean water over the area nearest where they orbit. This in turn would likely cause a loss in the ebb and flow of tides in areas further from them, limiting the benefit of the tides in many areas. Many estuaries would likely not exist. Estuaries are wonderful areas where salt and fresh water mix and a variety of life sets up.
  2. I also suspect that, due to gravitational effects on the sea, many sea currents would be interfered with. This too would effect weather and limit the even distribution of heat and cold on the planet, so wonderfully done now by weather and sea currents.
  3. I wonder too if the rings might not interfere with the magnetic field around the earth. This would be more the case if a lot of the rocks that made up the rings were of a significant metallic makeup. Without the proper magnetic field, we all cook. Bye Bye life.
  4. Finally, it seems certain that rocks from the ring would frequently fall out of orbit, to earth. If large enough, these falling rocks could cause extinction level events. Bye Bye life.

So, enjoy the video of the pretty rings and THANK GOD we don’t have them!

Life on this earth may be a far more rare and miraculous reality than we think. The more I learn of life, the more amazed I become at what the Lord has done. If science has done anything for me, (and it has done a lot), it has surely increased my wonder and awe for God. God has done a marvelous thing in creating this universe and an even more marvelous thing in creating and sustaining this earth. An old hymn says:

O tell of God’s might, O sing of His grace,
Whose robe is the light, whose canopy space,
His chariots of wrath the deep thunderclouds form,
And dark is His path on the wings of the storm.

The earth with its store of wonders untold,
Almighty, Thy power hath founded of old;
Established it fast by a changeless decree,
And round it hath cast, like a mantle, the sea.

Thy bountiful care, what tongue can recite?
It breathes in the air, it shines in the light;
It streams from the hills, it descends to the plain,
And sweetly distills in the dew and the rain

Praise the Lord for Planet earth, and behold, life is in the balance, the perfect balance.

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  1. Did you forget today is Friday? I thought we were keeping it light? Just kidding. Great article.

  2. You might consider the entire solarsystem as protective rotating shields, with the moon as the last stance.
    Here you can take a look at the far side of the moon and get an idea of what the earth would look like without this shield.

    Looking at the scars, it looks like it has taken it`s fair share of punches to defend us.

  3. The earth is at just the right distance from the sun so that water is warm enough to melt, but not so hot as to boil and steam away into space.

    Indeed. The global warming crowd informs us that if the temperature of the earth were just a handful of degrees higher or lower, then that would be the end of human civilization.

    Whether you believe the global warming hype or not, that much is right. Life can exist and prosper only within a narrow range of temperatures, a narrower range than even that of liquid water. Change any number of variables — distance from the sun, make-up of the atmosphere, magnetic poles, volcanic activity, and so on — and you alter the temperature by that handful of degrees and soon it is too cold or too hot to sustain life, or at least to sustain civilization.

  4. That was a beautiful Ave Maria, I don’t know about the theories. It would be nice to think we weren’t the only ones. But I really think God would have told us.

  5. The Earth is at the right distance to a point, because it does get nearer to and farther from the Sun throughout the year. Even still, the fact that the Earth is in an unique position is not less of a fact because of that, but, on the contrary, gives more weight to its uniqueness, in light of earthly seasons and earthly weather altogether – unlike the weather on other planets, which are all inhabitable, and, unlike the weather and planets hypothesized by certain scientists, as if hyothesis can, without any tangible evidence, demonstrably correct an observable fact.

      1. You should check out the book Life of Albert Einstein. It talks about Einstein, his views on reason and faith, and gives a concise yet easy-to-understand explanation of Special Relativity and his other scientific accomplishments.

  6. I’m not scientist or an astrophysicist, but I would trust a trained professional with several years of education before i lend credence to a self professed idiot. If someone with a degree in theology would like to explain brand/ concept of religion to me I will listen them before a say a politician. You have a background and several years of religious training, And therefore deserve my respect when listening to your religious spiel. Father before telling us you are smarter please show me the money as it were to your credentials.

    1. Why the hostility? I admit my lack of credentials in said areas and also speak of the Rare Earth Theory as a theory. I am saying what others have said. Take it or leave it. By the way I am not an idiot, just an amateur. As for you Pete McNesbitt chill. By the way, what did you think of the hymn? Pretty Nice huh?

    2. Why did you call him an idiot? Why are you a jerk? Can’t he reveal what he understands from studying science? Can no human study science and teach others what they have learned? So only a scientist can post a blog about science? You don’t need to be a scientist to assert that “random mutation” is JUNK SCIENCE. The Msgr. did not say that he was smarter than all of us. So grow up little man.

  7. Great job, Msgr. The article was thorough, but also concise. It is good to write about topics like this often to remind people to value life and other things we often take for granted. Also, chance cannot explain our existence. Science isn’t everything because the material world is not all that exists. I wrote an article a while ago about all this, too:

  8. The effect of rings on the ocean tides and currents should be nil. The gravitational force of rings would have an effect similar to, but much, much smaller than, the effect of Earth’s rotation on the ocean, which causes them to bulge at the equator to a “height” of about 22 km. The tides and currents do fine with this bulge; they’d do fine if the bulge was a few meters larger.

    We don’t sense the ocean’s surface as sloping for the same reason as the bulge doesn’t drain away: this sloping surface is level with respect to the combined effect of gravitational and centrifugal forces. What we think of as gravity is only mostly gravity.

    For more, google “equatorial bulge” and ignore any diet ads.

    (I’m just an atmospheric scientist, so I don’t know whether the other two possible problems you mention would be serious.)

    1. While, I accept your diagnosis that the pull would be minor on the ocean’s height, I suspect there is a typo in your numbers unless I misunderstand something. For 22 kilometers is 13 miles high, or 72,000 feet. Could you clarify?

      1. 21.36 km, to be precise. This is why scientists call the shape of the Earth an oblate spheroid rather than a sphere. You’re that much farther from the center of the Earth if you’re at the equator rather than at one of the Poles.

        This sounds big, but in terms of a departure from sphericity it’s not much. It’s 10,000 km from the Pole to the Equator along the surface of the Earth, so if you travel toward the equator each kilometer of travel only takes you 2.1 meters farther from the center of the Earth.

        This can be tied back to Saturn, by the way. Saturn rotates so fast that its bulge is a tenth of its radius! It’s the bulgiest of the planets. If you think about it, hasn’t Saturn in pictures always seemed just a little out of round? It’s not an optical illusion; it’s real.

  9. Okay pete, I don’t even comment here and doubt you’ll come back to reply either, but stop wasting Msgr. Popes bandwidth on your useless, ugly words. Before telling us you are smarter please show me the money, as it were, to your credentials. Although I will assume you have at least a Masters in Being an Jerk or something.

    It’s like those without degrees are forbidden to privately publish their ideas on the universe. Ugh…

    Great post Msgr. Pope!

  10. What a beautiful post…and such food for thought! I am neither a geologist nor an astro-physicist either, dear
    Monseignor, but we can all appreciate beauty when we see or hear it. Thank you for helping us to appreciate both our universe and that wonderfully rendered Ave Maria…in GERMAN! ACH!

  11. Physicist-theologian Fr. Stanley Jaki, in his very readable booklet, “Maybe Alone in the Universe, After All,” discusses the rare earth theory and other theories at length and comes to the conclusion that the existence of other planets like ours is immensely improbable. He includes a segment from the “Chronicles” of Gervase of Canterbury from June 18, 1178, which details how five or more men saw an event in the moon that appeared to be the results of a huge meteor crashing into the moon instead of earth, and may have been connected with the formation of the crater Giordano Bruno on the dark side of the moon.

  12. Fr. Charles, a few of your queries would be answered negatively, e.g., about rings and tides in the oceans of Earth, but do not worry about that. They are reasonable to ask.

    Whatever Fr. Jaki wrote, go with that! He was on the mark, scientifically speaking. And there are a lot of scientists who are trying to estimate the number of Earth-like planets, based on available data, with some scientists starting to suspect that Earth-like planets might be very rare.

    Now here is some advice that no other commenter has shared: Learn about the Kepler spacecraft, which is designed to look for exoplanets, especially small ones that might be like Earth. So far, no additional Earths, but they are bagging TONS of other types of exoplanets. So it behooves you to do some reading about the Kepler mission, lots of stuff happening there, a real beehive.

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    1. I’ve approved this comment though it has nothing to do with the post. Perhaps I’ll make use of some of this material in a future post. owever, I would need to credit the source. Perhaps Milt you could send your info and include sources of this list, whether you or another.

  14. Msgr. thanks for this! There is a compelling DVD on this subject as well: “The Privileged Planet” available at Amazon that speaks to this subject from the intelligent design (secular) perspective.

  15. This is slightly off topic, but while we are discussing how the “Heavens proclaim the glory of God” let me just share a nifty insight I have had about how the Eucharist we receive on Sunday is the same Eucharist that Jesus celebrated at the Last Supper! Time bows before Light ! And the “proof” if you will, lies in the theory of relativity! (This is actually very simple to understand. Even my kid who has not yet taken physics understand it – Let me explain –it is really a fun idea to think about).

    1. Remember that at ordinary speeds, speeds add or subtract.
    2. Imagine you are driving a car on the highway at 40 mph and you toss a bag of peanuts over your shoulder to your kid in the back seat. You are tossing it nice and slow at 4 miles an hour, however despite the fact that the car is going forward at 40 mph and the bag is going back at 4mph, the bag is not “overtaken by the car.” Meaning the rear window (or your kids head) does not contact the bag at 40-4 = 36 mph causing serious damage. That is because everything in the car including your child and the bag of peanuts is going 40 mph forward, compared to the road, and so when you toss the bag behind you the movement of the bag is perceived as traveling at 4 mph in reverse by your child, even though an outside observer standing by the side of the road would clock the bag of peanuts as travelling forward at 36 mph.
    3. In the same way, imagine you are seated in an aisle seat of a jumbo jet in flight. You toss a bag of peanuts to your kid, who is seated in an aisle seat across and slightly in front of you, with the plane going 500 miles/hour and you throwing the bag at 4 miles/hour. Once more, your kid has no trouble catching the bag. An outside observer would clock the bag as travelling 504 miles forward, but your child would only perceive the bag as travelling 4 mph.
    4. Similarly, if you were to imagine flying in a military jet at mach one (750 mph) shooting bullets also at 750 mph, the bullet would reach its target at 750 + 750 mph or 1500 mph. This is because at ordinary speeds, speeds add or subtract, depending on whether the missile being fired is travelling in the same or the opposite direction of the vehicle conveying the missile. Very simple.
    5. Not so as we approach the speed of light. There have been numerous experiments involving high speed aircraft, clocking light emitted from cathode ray tubes using incredibly precise atomic clocks. The speed of light, whether from the sun, or your penlight, or a cathode ray tube is always constant at about 700 million mph. Thus, if we were flying in the Starship Enterprise at warp one (the speed of light – or 700 million mph), shooting photon torpedoes (also traveling at 700 million mph) past the planet Vulcan, we, in the Starship Enterprise would clock our photon torpedo as travelling at the speed of light. However, an observer watching from the planet surface would NOT clock the photon torpedo at twice the speed of light. Instead that observer would say that the photon torpedo just approached but did not reach the speed of light. How can that be? Speed is distance/time. If speed is constant (and the speed of light is experimentally measurable and is most definitely constant) then however inconceivable this might be to those of us to live within Time and Space, either distance must shorten or time must expand. Time bows before Light, and Light is faithful! Just as at the Eucharist!

  16. I am just catching up on this column from Saturday. It is Monday, but I was just thinking yesterday as I was driving home about what a miracle our lives are and how God created all of this just perfectly so we could survive and flourish. It prompted me to re-read the first chapter of Genesis. There is a quote from someone that says one only has to look at nature to see that Providence is Good, and I am reminded that nature only reflects the glory of its creator.

  17. Found this browsing around for Earth videos. God has nothing to do with it. It’s all science bro!

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