On Heroic Human Overcoming

In the video below we are shown many acts of bravery, heroism, courage and overcoming. In times like these we need to be reminded of  that part of the human spirit that is unrelenting in meeting challenges and will not simply cower in fear or depression. Individuals will sometimes fall and give way to defeat, but collectively there is a powerful human capacity that God has given us to discover who we are in adversity. We learn new strengths and ways to adapt. To all doomsayers, I say, watch this video and remember that God has called us to victory, even if in sometimes paradoxical ways:

4 Replies to “On Heroic Human Overcoming”

  1. Am glad that there are a few droplets of water in this creation that is largely a desert.

  2. I decided some time ago that I wanted to be superhero, and my superhero power was going to be being kind and gentle. I work as a nurse, which is a hoot, as they pay me to take care of people. I get to take care of people , and I get paid. I am so fortunate. I know that God is good all the time, and all the time he is good.
    Working evenings, the best part of my job is when I visit each patient before the hour of sleep, and wish them the blessings of a good night’s sleep.

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