Meeting God in What Is – As Seen in a Commercial

I wonder if many of us over forty would say that our life has gone as we planned. Very few of my college friends are now doing anything closely related to their degree. My degree is in computer science, yet today I am a priest. One of my friends studied engineering but is now doing cybersecurity. Another got a psychology degree yet is now a business owner. If you want to make God laugh, just tell Him your plans!

The video below features some funny high school yearbook photos of various celebrities. I must admit that I only recognize a few of them; I’m not that aware of popular cultural icons. Nevertheless, it’s clear that life often unfolds in unusual ways.

Life is filled with possibilities, problems, and setbacks, but somehow they are all part of God’s plan for us. If we are faithful, all things work together for our good (see Romans 8:28). When I was in high school, I surely never thought I’d be a priest one day—but here I am. And even the things I did back then that don’t seem related to my life today were a mysterious part of my preparation. God has been good to me. He prepares and provides; He prunes and promotes. God is working His purposes out, if we trust Him.

Always remember that we meet God in what is not in what might have been. Walk with God in your reality. Allow your life to unfold a little; try not to insist on controlling and manipulating every outcome.

Yes, that is my senior yearbook picture at upper right, just before I grew the beard!

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    1. Maybe I am misunderstanding you, Nick, but here is what I think. If you die a martyr, that means that you loved God so much that you were willing to die for Him. That is true love.

      1. Well I hope that I will not have to die as a martyr but I pray that I would have the strength to do so should it become necessary.

  1. I prefer the idea that you don’t know where you’ll end up, but that’s OK (especially if god is leading you) to the “all dreams are within reach” fantasy in commercial. My own journey was entirely unexpected, but in a very good way (thanks to God).

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