Set Your Focus and Simplify – As Seen in a Commercial


Life is filled with distractions and one of the most critical decisions we make from moment to moment is choosing what to focus on. Brain scientists have studied for years how our eyes and ears, along with our brain, filter out lots of background data. If they didn’t, our stress levels would be overwhelming, as we sought to process every sound, image, movement, and change in our immediate surroundings. Focus is essential lest we be overwhelmed.

It is the same in the spiritual life. Setting our focus on the Lord and His Kingdom is essential for us, lest the burdens, distractions, and trivialities of this world stress and overwhelm us. Daily prayer, ever deeper immersion in the truths of God, and practicing the presence of God are essential practices that help filter out the less important things.

The Lord has a plan to simplify our lives. He tells us not to serve two masters and to “fear” Him above all others. If we fear the Lord, we don’t really have to fear anyone else. If we do not fear him, we will fear ten thousand other people and things. If we serve the Lord, our life is simpler; if we do not, ten thousand masters with differing demands assail us.

Set your focus and simplify. The rose window at the upper right (from my parish) is a picture of this. The petals of the rose represent the many aspects of your life: family, vocation, career, etc. But at the center is Jesus, who is to unite and organize everything else.

Enjoy this interesting video, which has a surprising lesson to teach us about focus.


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  1. The opposite is true that if we are focused on GOD and HIS Teachings and prays and in love with HIM, we become aware and quick on the subtleties and wiles of the world in its changing morals and semantics to describe its wrong doings and evil ways. Yes, by GOD’s Grace, we are able to filter the unnecessaries and distractions in our lives. Solo DIOS basta.

  2. Thanks so much for this.
    It is so easy to get caught up in this very complicated world, thinking that we have so much that is important to accomplish.
    I love that you pointed to the rose window. What a perfect image for meditation.
    I needed this especially today. Sharing!

  3. That is why moving can be so difficult: new streets, different people, new places.

  4. Father ….you always manage to get the very best videos, music, clips and Scriupture to drive home your point. Well done again!

  5. And … if we don’t fear the “ten thousand other things” we can look at them more objectively and, hence, with less distortion.

  6. I love this but it seems like you repeated the advice twice. Is that so we would really “get it”? Or maybe a “paste” too many? 😉

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