Lady Wisdom as Seen in a Beautiful Video

053113In the video below I was reminded, though imperfectly, of  the great Wisdom tradition of the Old Testament. In that tradition, Wisdom (Sophia) is portrayed as a beautiful woman whose presence indwells all of creation imbuing it with God’s magnificent vision and sustaining Word. And thus we read:

Before all other things wisdom was created; and prudent understanding, from eternity.The root of wisdom—to whom has it been revealed. Her subtleties—who knows them? There is but one, wise and truly awesome,seated upon his throne—the Lord. It is he who created her, saw her and measured her,Poured her forth upon all his works, upon every living thing according to his bounty, lavished her upon those who love him. (Sirach 1:4-10)

And thus, God’s wisdom infuses and sustains all things.

What would happen if God were ever to remove his sustaining wisdom. What would happen if his abiding presence should ever cease to be present? Truly, all things would cease instantly to exist at all, vanishing. For if the cause be removed, so also the effect.

The video below shows a more mitigated scenario. What happens to a world where the main spring, or main gear of God’s wisdom cease her functioning or somehow no longer has her influence?

The video answers the question artistically. For when wisdom, portrayed as a beautiful woman, is no longer  in her exulted place, perhaps because she is under-appreciated, all turns grey, dreary and drab. And everything stops moving, as if to say things no longer work.

Only if the beautiful “lady wisdom” is restored to her central place and exalted will all things be restored to proper order and functioning. And thus, in the video, when she returns to her place, things begin to function again, and magnificent color is restored.

And here’s a paradigm for our age, which has so cast aside much of the ancient wisdom of God. So much color has gone from our world, and though endless pleasures abound, boredom, and a kind of sadness overtakes us. When everything is pleasurable, nothing is pleasurable and when everything is available nothing seems special. The eye is never satisfied with what it sees,  the ear with what it  ears, boredom  overtakes us.

And such dysfunctionality sets in. Our basic structures, no longer work. The family, and other basic institutions such as schools, government, and even many religious structures become dysfunctional.

Only if wisdom is once again in her place will proper function be restored and will radiant color be restored.

Enjoy this beautiful video that so captures Lady Wisdom.

5 Replies to “Lady Wisdom as Seen in a Beautiful Video”

  1. Just excellent and we priests certainly need an infusion these days. Thank you for your beautiful homilies and thoughts – -great catechetical tools.

  2. Yes, “wisdom” is a she. But the Eternal Wisdom is a “HE.”
    Your blog is the best on the Internet!
    Msgr., did you know that you are a poet?

    And “Wisdom is a Tree of Life..” – Proverbs 3:18

  3. Neat video. I think one reason wisdom is described as a woman is that we think that there is something beautiful about a life well-lived. For example, when Hillaire Belloc’s wife died he dressed in black for the remainder of his life.
    She died at a relatively young age and he lived for long time afterward. There is something beautiful about that and so we credit credit wisdom to him.

  4. Beautiful post. The previous poster had it right, your blog is simply the best. Thanks for finding the time to share with everyone on the Internet.

  5. Lovely video! Thank you, Monsignor!

    The woman could also be the personification of the Proverbs 31 woman. She has a job to do, but if she leaves her post (or walks away from her true calling), her children and husband suffer. She sacrifices willingly for those she loves.

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