No Christmas is Complete without the Jesus Toaster.

Have breakfast with Jesus every morning! In the past you’ve had see him with eyes of faith. Now you can seem him right on the toast! It’s the Jesus Toaster! Just $31.95 plus shipping and handling.

No Christmas is complete without this fine new toaster.

Was not Jesus born in Bethlehem which means “House of Bread!?”

So celebrate Christmas all year long!

Did Jesus not leave his face on Veronica’s veil? Now you can see his face and eat it too!

With the Jesus toaster you just never know where Jesus will pop up!

Legal disclaimer: this toaster does not convey true presence and the bread coming forth from it is not to be adored. Do not try true presence at home which leads to idolatry. True presence is brought about only by trained priests in the careful conditions of the Catholic Mass.

Blogger Disclaimer – No disrespect is hereby intended in this post. But sometimes things are in such bad taste that the absurdity is best illustrated by being absurd, as I have been here.

Here is the  CNN report:

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  1. I’m sorry , , , “the Host on the toast”??? Well, like the guy says, “everyone takes religion so seriously.” Not the folks at CNN though.

    1. I didn’t see that one. Stupid is the word. Not sure if Satanic fits the bill. If there is Satanic stupidity, I am less worried of it than the Satanic Shrewdness. This is just goofy, silly and in poor taste.

    2. I also carry the Crescent Moon of Islam, Star of David, and Ganesha toasters along with many other non religion inspired secular designs.

  2. It’s another example in our society of how Jesus is treated like a commodity. The Jesus toaster is an unfortunate realization of a bad idea.

  3. How about if I make a ‘Progressive Liberal’ toaster? Oh wait, that would be politically incorrect. My bad!

    1. A Progressive Liberal Toaster….that would just leave the bread as plain white bread, wouldn’t it?

  4. Why is this even being presented by a MSGR. on a supposedly Catholic blog? This is a disgrace and very disrespectful to the Lord our God even to bother writing about it. Why not spend your time on more uplifting and reverent issues? We certainly can use them rather than simply picking up on the insanity of the antiChrists.

    1. Well OK Sam, but a little humor on life’s road is also an antidote to what is obviously in bad taste but I am not sure is intentionally disrespectful or as you say related to the antichrist.

      As I point out I am illustrating absurdity by being absurd (did you read my “blogger disclaimer” ).

      Also Sam, do you read this blog – we DO discuss uplifting and reverent issues here, but commenting on culture is also a common theme here. I have done so, illustrating absurdity by being absurd. Note the shtick!

      And since you are so into respect, don’t you think it is wrong to scold “a MSGR” ?? Just saying…. 😉

      More seriously, you don’t have any business calling me disrespectful. I am nothing of the sort no matter what you say. Neither should you call the people who made this “antichrists,” as this is likely rash judgement. What they have done is in poor taste, but there is little or no evidence that they are hate the faith. This is in the category of glow in the dark Jesus statues, or St Josephs statues to bury in your yard when selling a house. It is surely poor taste but keep your powder dry for more certain attacks on the faith.

      And smile a little Sam. You did laugh a little didn’t you??

  5. Well, Msgr. Pope; You are entitled to submit some humorous development in the “culture” that surrounds us, but please do not expect most of your readers to rush out and buy one. The whole idea is silly.

  6. I enjoyed this post, and I do think it is okay to comment on cultural stupidities. I like to have fun with the faith, too, and I try to be careful not to cross the line with irreverence. This didn’t seem really irreverent or anti-religious.

  7. My intentions at making this toaster was to poke fun at the phenomenon of simulacra. This phenomenon appears to have a biological basis according to some researchers at Northwestern University. I come from a background of German Baptist preachers, teachers and farmers. All with a healthy sense of humor. I agree it’s silly, humorous, and maybe stupid. When I had the idea I ran it across my Grandma and other relatives that I consider kind, loving and devout Christians… they laughed and told me it just may pay some of those Catholic school tuition bills for my kids. (My wife is Catholic and a Catholic University Alumni… she told me I would get some flack) I have worked for myself since a teenager, been faithfully married and am raising three great kids to be independent thinking and peaceful contributors to society… I am not the antichrist nor would want to be part of his gang. (I do dance to The Grateful Dead)

    *NOTE* Along with numerous donated toasters for fundraising activities we also put up our toasters on eBay with 100% of proceeds from the auctions going to non-profits.

    1. Thanks for joining the discussion and being a good sport in what is to some extent a less than admiring audience. I too got a good laugh out of the CNN piece and rejected any notion that you intended offense or surely that you were the Antichrist. As you point out there is an intentional silliness here, what i call bad taste, but there is no accounting for taste. I tried to pick up on the intentionally silly aspect by writing my fake ad in a silly and absurd manner.

      As you know and can see on these pages however, there are some who experience ridicule in this sort of humor. The old Latin expression comes to mind offensiva pii aurium (offensive to pious ears) which refers to humor etc., which though not intrinsically wrong or offensive is considered so by those of a more pious or tender disposition.

      Humor too exists on a contiuum where some delight at something and others look askance in varying degrees. I have on other ocassions run afoul of this reality posting things that some readers found really funny and others found highly offensive. The sense of humor is a fascinating phenomenon and a delicate negotiation.

      Any way thanks for being a good sport in participating in this conversation.

  8. Msgr. Pope,

    I just want to say, I love the variety of your posts. I enjoy your commentary on thing cultural, pop-cultural and holy. Have a blessed Christmas.

  9. I disagree Monsignor. This is satanic shrewdness. It’s supposed to be a likeness of the Son of God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but it’s okay to smear jelly on it. Disappointed in you.

    1. Oh Susana, try not to be disappointed about things in which reasonable people may differ. But as for me, I would rather be disappointing to you and humbled in your eyes than to be guilty of rash judgment of people I have never even met.

  10. Okay. Got it figured out. A POPE who is not infallible, blogged about a host that is just toast which has caused the most posts on this site. That SIGHT of a toast host upset the very faithful, some of whom accuse the Toast Maker of being on the wrong side of the Cultural Divide. And some need Saint Nicholas to bring some Good Humour to put in their socks for Christmas.
    “As for me and my household we will continue to serve the LORD ” we already gabve the $31.95 plus S and H in £uros to St Vincent de Paul and CONCERN to provide some bread for JESUS’ brothers and sisters here and overseas. .

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