Big, Colored Lights (Friday of Advent III)

A big change has taken place in my household: no longer do plain white lights hang on our Christmas tree. They’ve been replaced by good old-fashioned colored lights- big ones! And I love it.

We see lights everywhere this time of year. That’s why it’s sometimes called a “season of light.” But all these lights should serve to remind us of the great light who entered our world at the first Christmas. All other lights point to him.

Jesus said as much in today’s gospel. He spoke of those who rejoiced in the light of St. John the Baptist, whom he described as a “bright and shining lamp.” But then Jesus explained that John’s light was meant as a beacon for the greater light which he came to bring. A light which, as Isaiah told us in today’s first reading, revealed God’s salvation and justice, and extended God’s covenant of love to people of every race and nation.

I hope we enjoy all the lights we see this season- white and colored, blinking and not. But let’s not forget that the light we rejoice in above all others is Jesus Christ. Because in Jesus, to steal a phrase from today’s psalm, God let his face shine upon us.

Readings for today’s Mass:

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2 Replies to “Big, Colored Lights (Friday of Advent III)”

  1. I also like the colored lights much better….but, I just love the white ones in Church on Christmas morning!

  2. Indeed Peggy! I’ve never seen blinking lights in a Catholic church, and I’m not sure I want to start now (with the exception of the green and red lights on my confessional, of course!)

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