A Recipe for Joy

Hell, it’s been said, is like a big pot of delicious stew. Around this pot are seated people with spoons longer than their arms. Because it was impossible for them to get the spoons into their mouths, the people are starving and angry.

Heaven has an identical pot of stew surrounded by people with equally long spoons. These people, however, are joyful and satisfied, because they have learned to feed one another, instead of trying only to feed themselves.

I’ll concede that this is a somewhat corny inspirational image, but it does remind us of the truth that we are happiest when we make it a priority to love and serve God and others first. Indeed, our Lord command us to do this in today’s gospel. We are to love ourselves, Jesus teaches us. But we are to love God and others first.

Mother Teresa once put it very well. She said that the proper order of priorities in our life is JOY: J-O-Y. J is first, and that’s for Jesus; O is next, and that’s for Others; and Y is last- and that’s for You.

Readings for today’s Mass:http://www.usccb.org/bible/readings/081911.cfm

Photo Credit: PetLvr via Creative Commons