What Happened to the Church in Europe?

Here’s another Fr. Barron Video where he ponders the awful decline of the Church particularly in Europe. Does this merely mean that the Church has failed? Or is there more at work? Surely there are things we have done things that need correcting, but even when we do everthing we ought to do, there will still be a waxing and waning. Let me get out of the way and Let Fr. Barron speak.

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  1. Very well said – I like this video and have to agree.

    I wonder if the Church (all denominations) have too often encouraged people to keep slavishly to the outward letter of the law, rather than a emphasize Christ’s teachings on the inner attitude of the spirit? As St Paul writes – if you live by the law, all the law does is condemn you…..we live not by the law but by the love of Christ.

    Also; the breakdown of religious education in the U.K has undoubtedly led to this decline; (R.E is not on the National Curriculum over here although schools do have a responsibility for moral and spiritual education – which is not the same and is often called ‘Social and Personal Development’) I worked in a school for 6 years before my training; this I truly believe is the fundamental reason in the U.K.

    Great site and blog – even for a rebel like me..
    Yours ever.

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