One of the most frustrating things about working in ministry is encapsulated in the following email:

“Hi Laura, I live in DC and I attend [church x] but I must confess I still hop around between parishes trying to find my niche, so that keeps me back from getting involved in any specific community.” (emphasis added)

There is a vast difference in finding your niche and creating your niche! How can you create a vibrant parish community?

  • Do you think the choir needs help? Join it!
  • Does the way the Word of God is proclaimed lack interest? Use your talent and be a lector!
  • Does your homilist miss the mark when trying to connect the Word of God to the congregation? Establish a relationship with your priest or deacon, then suggest ways he could improve!
  • Does the church’s interior not reflect glory of God’s True Presence? Donate funds to help refurbish the church!
  • Do you complain about a lack of attention to social justice issues and community outreach? Volunteer to start a committed group!
  • Has another parishioner never introduced him or herself to you? Make the first move to welcome them!

The list goes on!

This is what Catholic stewardship means: to survey our gifts and offer our time, talent, and treasure to building up the Kingdom of God. For those of you reading this, I’d like to take a quick survey.

  • What do you complain about the most at your parish?
  • What can you do to remedy the situation?
  • Let us know if creating a vibrant parish community is on your priority list!

Since you are eager to have spiritual gifts, try to excel in gifts that build up the church. 1Cor. 14:12

3 Replies to “Pick-A-Parish”

  1. I church hopped for a while after a trauma that happened to me last summer, and the upside of it was seeing many different communities and getting to know lots of new priests and people. Sometimes church hopping can be a good thing. On the other hand, I am very happy to have settled at a great parish not too far from my emergency department where i work and my home.

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