A Rather Shocking Eucharistic Procession

The Diocese in Linz, (northern¬† Austria) is infamous for liturgical strangeness. In a land of some of the world’s most beautiful rococo Churches liturgy has gone unhinged. If something is crazy, ugly or just plain illicit it is on display is this diocese. The latest sadness comes with a Eucharistic Procession held through the streets. Rather than use a traditional monstrance (see photo to the right) this particular parish nailed a rather large pita like lost to a stick and carried it through the streets; strange, ugly and unnecessarily provocative.¬† Well, look for yourself.

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  1. Msgr Pope,

    Promise the church you will always remain a ROMAN catholic priest. The faithful need you to holdfast to the traditions of the church.

  2. While so very sad to see a local church tear itself apart from the Truth, I find great hope in the tremendous faith and reverence for the Most Blessed Sacrament within our own diocese. The images of processions across the diocese have been encouraging and of great edification (Visitation Monastery, Our Lady of Victory, Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament, St. Anselms Abbey, the National Shrine, St. Luke’s, etc.)

    1. You are right, many people make reparation through their great faith. I am strengthened as a priest when I behold the great faith of so many parishioners and other Catholics. Thank you for your faith and for reminding us of the great faith of many which does not always make the news.

  3. Does anyone know if “God” is or isn’t telling the leaders of the body of Christ to do these things? Could it be that God is trying to get people to think outside of the BOX or to get them out of the box they have put themselves in. God is not “in” the neat & tidy little box tht man has tried to put him in. You speak of truth….who’s truth, man’s or God’s? How about just promising to that you will always seek the Lord. Correct me if I am wrong when I say….God is “Truth”. Ask yourselves these questions and then look the answers up in the word of God for yourselves. What is bread? Who is the bread? What does bread symbolize? What does God say about tradition? The first thing we should all do is to get down on our faces and seek the face of God and then “ask” Him to open our eyes and ears.

    Remember: God says that His ways are not our ways…….

    May the eyes and ears of your spirit be opened,

    G. Mal

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