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In this issue are some items related to the aftermath of the President’s Speech at Notre Dame. It looks like the former President of Trinity University here in Washington is rather upset with critics of the Honorary Degree Awarded to President Obama. At Commencement exercises she refers to these critics (which include a fairly large number of Bishops) as “Catholic Vigilantes.”  Another interesting bit of news about the protests at Notre Dame is that among the “vigilantes” 🙂 present at the protest was Norma McCorvey (who was the Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade). Most of you know that she converted to Catholicism in 1998 and has worked actively in the pro-life movement for many years now. It is a great and healing thought that she is now among us as a fellow Catholic and a pro-life advocate. God is good, very good.

Also in this edition of Gloria TV News is a strange and sad story about a Catholic school boy who wants to be  a  girl.  There are also some reflections from Former Archbishop of Milwaukee Rembert Weakland about the Abuse Scandal.

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  1. No more about Obama and Notre Dame. Even Fox News admitted that he was “warmly received.” The whole thing was stirred up by wanna bes and has beens like Randall Terry, whose career in the Protestant church flamed out before he sought the greener pastures of Catholicism, and Newt Gingrich, whose career similarly failed. Realistically, did the pro-life movement expect Notre Dame graduates, who were happy about receiving their degrees, to boo Obama? Did they seriously expect Obama to tuck his tail between his legs in flee. Very little was accomplished by this “controversy.

    1. I don’t know if you realize that your reply is almost entirely ad hominem. That is to say you are merely attacking and labeling your opponents and some aspect of their personal life or personal qualities. Please stick more to the issues. The fact is that this is an important issue within Catholicism and bespeaks important issues we have to deal with inside the Church. That the President was warmly received at Notre Dame has never been in dispute. It is precisely this point over which we are wrestling. At one level the warm reception given the President of the United States is entirely appropriate. Respect is due to President Obama as are prayers. Scripture is clear on this. Even within this personal respect there is, at least in the American Political experience, the right to protest. I agree, the actual graduation ceremony was not the place to do this – but please, only four people did this, hardly a reason to condemn the whole protest movement that day. But in the end this IS an important issue for Catholics. It is about Catholics more than the President per se. Important questions remain: Will we unite and behave more coherently in terms of what we believe and profess? Will our faith impact more clearly our choices about who to honor, how and when? Will Catholic Universities give greater adherence to Ex Corde Ecclesiae? How we Catholic clergy and leaders more effectively catechize on the life issues and help Catholic see them as more critical? And so forth. These are internal questions that should continue to be asked. When the President of another Catholic institution (Trinity College) calls pro-life protesters “vigilantes” we clearly have an internal problem.

    1. 🙂 I think our lovely and gracious host looks just fine. By the way sometimes she wears the braids, sometimes not. De gustibus non disputandum. It is quite fascinating all the different things women can do with their hair. I just run a comb through what little I have left. Also her name is not Gloria it is Doina Buzut. Gloria TV informs us regarding that Ms Buzut has studied pedagogy and violin in Moldova. She earned her Master in Theology in Gaming (Austria). After that she completed in Lugano (Switzerland) a Master in Intercultural Communication. Presently she is finishing her licentiate at the Theological Faculty of Lugano. Quite an impressive young woman if you ask me.

  2. I am not clear on the process of appointing Presidents of Catholic Institutions/Universities. Are they required to sign a contract stating that they will uphold the teachings of the church. (especially in public remarks)??

    Maybe that is the first place to start. Sign on the dotted line or interview elsewhere.

  3. All due respect to you Archbishop Weakland, but how could you or anybody else not know that sexual abuse of children is NOT a criminal offense at any AGE. Your remarks, cause me great anxiety. God bless.

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