On Angels and Demons

I have been doing a project for the St. Michael Center for Spiritual Renewal.  In this case it was to make two videos on Angels and Demons. The videos needed to be close to thirty minutes, and thus I had to leave a lot of material out. However, five years ago I presented three lectures of 90 minutes each that permitted me to expand and offer more information. In case it can be helpful to you I am offering the two videos I just completed along with links to the talks and some written material I have produced here on the blog over the years.


Angels and Demons, Lecture 1

Angels and Demons, Lecture 2

Angels and Demons, Lecture 3

And here is a compendium of articles I have written here over the years:

Articles on Angels: Click Here

Articles on Demons and related matters Click Here

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  1. After reading your post on Angles and Demons blogI returned to the world news of the day. A headline from Russia was Putin quotes Jesus as explanation of war. After reading story I wondered if a public long distance exorcism could make this man reflect on his actions and teach the world about the word of God.

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