Escape to a Nearby Tabernacle

It seems to me that the world is resembling an insane asylum more and more each day. If you think I exaggerate, just turn on the news for a moment. I don’t think you need me to provide a long list to know what I mean. A good example of the lunacy is that many people today consider it reasonable for a man to compete in a women’s sporting event simply by declaring that he “feels” he is a woman. I have pity for the individual men involved and believe that they should receive help. However, when entire segments of the population, including legislators and judges, go along with the delusion and try to force us to play along with it, we must conclude that madness has descended on our culture. I will not say more; this one example is sufficient evidence enough of the collective, growing lunacy.

In the commercial below a woman returns to her home to find a ludicrous situation inside. In response, she retreats back into her car. As for me, I escape to a nearby tabernacle, where things still make sense. Jesus is the Truth.

3 Replies to “Escape to a Nearby Tabernacle”

  1. I have found Eucharistic Adoration to be my salvation in these tumultuous times. Our Church has adoration on Wednesday and I find that when I walk into that silent Church and see the monstrance, I’m home, I’m safe. Jesus is there and I can ask for His help and grace. That one hour of silent prayer, adoration and petition have kept me sane. Thank you, monsignor for letting people know that they can “escape” to Jesus. Please write more about this topic.

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