The Masks Are Coming Off

An abortion bill, similar in many respects to the horrifying bill recently passed in New York, was recently tabled by the Virginia General Assembly. It would have eliminated many of the requirements already in state law for third-trimester abortions. That it was tabled is the only good news.

Most of you have already heard the exchange between Virginia state delegate Todd Gilbert and the bill’s sponsor, delegate Kathy Tran. He asked Tran if her bill would allow a woman who is in labor to request an abortion if a physician certified that the pregnancy would impair her mental health; Tran replied that it would.

About this truly shocking (but honest) admission, delegate Tran afterwards lamented, “I was caught off guard and probably wasn’t as artful in the moment as I could have been,”

“Artful”—In other words, she couldn’t wordsmith quickly enough to cloak the shocking truth that if this bill became law, a woman already in labor could legally have her child killed (with a physician’s approval).

And just in case you think things couldn’t get worse, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam sought to defend Delegate Tran and imagined the following scenario:

“So in this particular example, if a mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen. The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother” (*).

Words cannot describe just how awful this is, claims that we “critics” simply misunderstand the governor notwithstanding. No indeed, the message is loud and clear: a baby is set off to the side and “kept comfortable” while the caring doctors and the mother have a nice little discussion about whether the newborn should be allowed to live or killed—truly shocking. We might just as well be back in pagan Rome under the Pater Familias laws, under which the father decided whether to keep a certain baby or have it cast into the Tiber or exposed to die. Infanticide, like abortion, is a very ugly business.

There has been plenty of news analysis about this “controversy,” but I prefer to call the bill a calamity, the legalization of outright cruelty.

This much must also be clear: the masks are coming off and the fierce face of abortion on demand is on display. Upon Governor Andrew Cuomo’s signing of the “Reproductive Health Act” in New York, the open celebration, the applause, the lighting of the World Trade Center spire in pink were egregious and boldly fierce—“in your face,” if you will. (I have written more about that travesty here.) Now we have this shocking episode in Virginia.

For years, the pro-choice movement has cloaked itself in talk about keeping abortion safe, legal, and rare—but it was a cloak then and it is certainly one now. Today the cry is increasingly, “No limits! The right to abortion is an absolute, human right!” Why are the masks coming off? Scripture provides an answer, at least in terms of the satanic inspirations behind abortion:

But woe to you, O earth and sea, for the devil has come down to you in great wrath, because he knows that his time is short (Rev 12:12).

In past decades, the devil has seen fit to work largely in secret, but recently he seems to have changed strategies and is increasingly coming out of hiding. The dramatic increase in the need for exorcisms and deliverance ministry is indicative of this. I also see evidence of this as he inspires ever-more-radical abortion laws—edging right into infanticide; he further deceives many into calling this good and something to celebrate.

Satan rages because he knows his time is short. Science is on the pro-life side. It is undeniable that a unique human individual comes into being at conception. Fetal development is now widely documented with 3D ultrasounds and in utero cameras—something from which abortion advocates like to “shield” pregnant women. Although the age of viability is usually considered to be 24 weeks gestation, some infants born earlier now survive; neonatal units are fighting to save the lives of children that across town at the “clinic” could be legally aborted. Young people are increasingly pro-life, and most Americans now support increasing limits on abortion. Yes, Satan knows that his time is running short, and so he rages, inspiring blindness to obvious truths and callousness toward human life—even the most helpless.

Will the Church boldly engage in this ever-fiercer battle or will we be fearful and ineffective? Will our leaders and the laity have courage to counter the callousness that is settling in? Will we resist or just be resigned? Will you be outspoken and join the ranks of those who witness, act, and pray?

Satan once raged at the babies when God, through Moses, was about to liberate His people. He raged again when Christ entered the world to save us. When God is up to something big, Satan rages. Remember this:

  • The Midwives resisted Pharaoh’s evil law.
  • The parents of the holy innocents in Bethlehem fought to protect their children from Herod’s wrath and fear.
  • Joseph and Mary obeyed God’s command to carry Jesus off to protection in distant Egypt leaving behind all that was familiar.

If we want to usher in blessings and end Satan’s raging, we must resist evil laws, act to protect our children, and be willing to suffer as a result. What are you willing to do?

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  1. Thank you Monsignor Pope for your courage and spiritual fortitude to speak the truth. We need more and more guidance in this spiritual warfare.

  2. The time of unmasking is here! We must stand up to defend our Faith and pray that our Church leaders have the courage to.

  3. In 1931 the German Bishops, without political calculations excommunicated all members of the Nazi Party, as it was incompatible with Catholicism. This was 8 years before the war started! The effect of that decision is with us today. It still carries a message that certain beliefs are so outside the realm of Catholicism that you can’t believe it and be Catholic! How on God’s green earth can one be Catholic and believe abortion up to and including after birth, infanticide, are good things? Saint Paul tells us not worry about our possessions being taken away because we follow Christ and his teachings! Cuomo and these politicians are already using Catholic Church teaching for political advantage. Excommunication would not start it, it has already happened, long ago! Excommunication has several benefits to it. It calls those excommunicated to repentance. It hopefully brings about change! But it also sends a message to everyone, Catholics and non-Catholics alike. It tells people the church really believes what it teaches. The church is willing risk it’s status to follow Jesus Christ! The teachings of the Catholic Church are serious, and should not cast off easily. I could go on. I believe our bishops underestimate the value of excommunication to the world and to the faithful! It isn’t about punishment, and they need to stop saying such things.

  4. We all want excommunication for these awful “Catholic” politicians. But are we ready to support our churches when the government shuts them down. Are we ready to stand by our priests when they are thrown in jail? Around the world there are priests and nuns behind bars and are innocent of the crimes they have been accused. I have not seen that kind of support for those pastors and churches from Catholic parishioners. It’s usually priests and nuns hepling one another and appealing cto Rome for help – because honestly, we can’t help them. Perhaps a better way is to vote for politicians that will vote fight for life. We need to stand up, speak out and VOTE!

  5. There is evil enough in the butchering of babies in the womb — which is the subject of Monsignor’s post — without going off-topic on the issue of church sanctions of politicians.

    You know, Satan is all too happy to see this degrade into some war within the Church. Then we stop talking about and thinking about the ocean of blood from 60 million slaughtered innocent lives.

    Let’s stay on point.

  6. The Word was made flesh from the moment Mary said “Be it done unto me according to thy word” (Luke 1:38)
    And the word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us. (John 1:14)

    Life begins at conception.

    1. “Will the Church boldly engage in this ever-fiercer battle or will we be fearful and ineffective? Will our leaders and the laity have courage to counter the callousness that is settling in? Will we resist or just be resigned? Will you be outspoken and join the ranks of those who witness, act, and pray?” – Msgr. Charles Pope

      I know many faithful lay Catholics who boldly engage in the ever fiercer battle — they pray outside abortion clinics, sidewalk counsel, volunteer at crisis pregnancy centers, donate money to help women choose life instead of abortion, pray and fast to for the end of abortion.

  7. I am so disturbed by these new “laws” that I don’t know what to do or say.

    The thought brings me to tears.

    We must fight.

  8. If there’s one way to describe the diabolical this would be it. As a citizen of NY and a priest, I’m am disgusted by Gov. Cuomo’s signing and gleeful joy at the passing of this bill. His soul is in a horrible staye right now and he doesn’t even know it..or maybe he does and could care less. Either way, I can only reflect upon of St. Paul in Romans 1.18-32 that points out clearly what happens when we forget the God of creation, the God of life! He does hand us over to our undiscerning mind to do as we please and allows us to suffer for it too. It’s our own fault. When Jesus returns in glory, no more Mr. Nice Guy. God help us all right now. Our nation is in an awful place. Mary Queen of Life, pray for us.

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