Letting Go of Attachments, as Seen in a Commercial

Life comes with many opportunities to form attachments. Some of them are harmless, but others can be quite harmful to us and to those around us, particularly when they devolve into addictions.

The commercial below humorously points out the downright danger that some attachments can bring and bids us to let go of them; God does the same.

The first step is to realize the burdens that some of our attachments bring. An inordinate attachment to food can lead us to be overweight and/or have other health issues. An overwhelming attachment to accumulating material possessions can cause financial difficulties. An unhealthy attachment to our job can eat away at our free time and take a toll on our personal relationships.

Recognizing the burden that accompanies some of our attachments can be the push we need to work on getting rid of them.

Ask God what attachments you need to let go of or at least reduce. Ask Him to show you the burdens and then to give you the grace to want to be free of them.