Why Does It Take So Long to Build and Almost No Time to Destroy?

One of the questions I have asked God is, “Why does it always take so long to build something up while it only seems to take moment to tear it down or destroy it?”

Destruction is always so much easier than construction. Decades, centuries, even a millennium of building a culture (e.g., Christendom) seems to have vanished overnight.

All I get from God is, “Never mind, just keep working.” It would seem that God finds value in the work, not just in the results. Even so, my question (my frustration, actually) remains. However, I will do what He asks and keep on teaching, building, and working.

The following commercial speaks humorously to my concern. Months of mathematical analysis is destroyed in a moment by a tuned-out man who does not recognize the beauty or value of what he erases.

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  1. I have a theory on that. In 2012, the cons to accepting the position of Lieutenant far outweighed the pros, when I was in Law Enforcement. I went through the testing process out of obedience to spiritual direction after talking some smack to a Catholic Priest & friend, about how great I had it, as a Sergeant. For months I intended on turning the position down because it wasn’t the “best thing for my family.” A few months prior to promotion, God gave me some knowledge, that in part, made me want to accept the position.

    For years I’d heard concerns from Administrators regarding how do we increase morale? Do we buy new squads? Do we buy new guns? Do we buy them new flashlights? The knowledge I was given was morale is far more easily destroyed, by middle managers focusing on how bad the Administration is – playing up the victim. If I forbid the watch Sergeant from spending a good part of the briefing ripping on the Administration – the morale will not be laid waste. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when a leader must be frank, acknowledge reality, “Yes we have problems big time!” But we for our part are going to “Do – it – right!” Years later God showed me morale is about fighting spirit, esprit de corps. It’s in the will. It is a decision. “Whatever comes out of that gate boys – we fight!”

    What came to me today is the scripture – Your boasting is not good. Do you not know a little leaven leavens the whole lump. Cleanse out the old leaven that you may be a new lump, as you really are unleavened. 1 Corinthians 5: 6-7

    Indeed, a little leaven leavens the whole lump.

    Cleansing out the old leaven I believe requires grace, and a whole effort on our part. Analogously, if it takes just a little evil to destroy you and I, then won’t a tsunami of evil destroy the foundations of society?

    Holy Scriptures taught me that we just cannot build on that which is rotten. As the book of Jeremiah holds – that which is rotten must be torn down and demolished. Then – then you can build and plant.

    Over time I learned that you can’t buy fighting spirit (morale), with new toys. Your people have to be convinced that you truly care whether they live or they die, in many various small and large ways. In their family, their career, spiritually, and physically. Troops follow courage – not cowardice. Are you willing to go first, to step into the gap and suffer and perhaps die with and for them? Jesus did – it – first.

    Why does it always take so long to build something up while it only seems to take moment to tear it down or destroy it? My theory is: Sin – ruins the whole lump. Then – then it must be torn down and demolished before one can plant and build.

    1. Thanks for the commentary.It is very good to hear of a man of God in law enforcement who courageously lives out his faith in the public arena.

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