Practice and Perseverance Make Perfect – As Seen in a Video

pongWhat do shots in the game of Pong have to do with holiness? Very little! But what if holiness isn’t so impossible after all and what it really takes is grace interacting with some practice and perseverance? Maybe then the seemingly impossible would be seen by our very eyes.

Think about it and get started. No, not with practicing Pong, but with virtue.

It’s amazing what daily practice and steady effort can produce. I marvel at what the Lord has done for me over the years I’ve practiced the sure and steady discipline of prayer, sacraments, Scripture, and fellowship (cf Acts 2:42). Day by day, my growth has been almost imperceptible and there have even been setbacks, but looking back over the past twenty-plus years, I’m astonished at what the Lord has done.

As you watch this video, consider that these young men did not just wake up one day and film this in one take. I’m sure their skill took years to develop. And while we may wish that they had spent their time on something more noble, the principle still applies: consistent, persistent practice produces can produce wonders.

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  1. A good lesson for those who wish to be more holy but feel they cannot be holy due to their sins. However, their despair can be intensified by misunderstanding – people claiming the person is a fanatic for wanting to practice the Faith – or even by discrimination, marginalization, or persecution – being sued over art, being jailed for almsgiving, or being attacked for defending the Church.

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