Grand Unified Theory: The Answer for Everything as Seen in a Commercial

041015In recent decades scientists were in search of what many of them called the “grand unified theory.” The concept was that there was one thing, one theory, that explained everything. I am not sure if this is still a pursuit among scientists or not, but I have to say, as a believer and a theologian of sorts, that there is already a grand unified theory, there is one thing that explains everything. And that one thing is love—more precisely, the Love of God.

Everything you see exists as a manifestation of the expansive and glorious love of God. You exist because God thought of you, loved you and set into motion all that was necessary for you to exist. Even now He is holding you in existence, and you will exist forever as a fruit of God’s loving “yes.” Even the souls and demons in Hell do not lose God’s loving yes. God never removes His love, His “yes.”

Love is the foundation of our grand unified theory. There are mysteries of evil admixed, which seem to belie love’s being the basis of a grand unified theory. But even there, God paradoxically permits freedom to His rational creatures, since for them truly to experience love presupposes their freedom. And physical “evils” such as death and loss may still mysteriously foster love, since one door closes in order that others may open, one dies that another may live, and the circle of life continues.

Love is the one answer to everything. Physical scientists may not be able to weigh love on a scale or predict its every outcome. But the believer and theologian in me insists that love is the solution to the puzzle of the grand unified theory. I will stake my whole vision and future on it.

Enjoy this humorous commercial where “the answer” is found that unlocks everything. Mystically the answer is “11.” But what is “11” if not two ones (individuals) paired in love, bearing the fruit of a third. 1 and 1 is love (the answer to everything): the Father and Son bearing the fruit of love in the Holy Spirit, and the great divine perichoresis (the movement or dance of love in God) radiating this love in all that exists. Love explains all.

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  1. Can we say the answer to everything lies in the g.u.t.? 🙂 Ironic that it could be thought a purely intellectual pursuit. The beautiful proclamation above lead me to think of similar witness to Him who is Love, Light, Life. From “we have come to know and to believe” (1Jn4:16) to “we have come to believe and are convinced” (Jn6:69) to “I am convinced” that nothing can separate us from God’s love in Christ’ (cf Rom8:38,39) and Jesus’ reply to Peter, “did I not choose you?”, reminds me, as I’ve seen during time of continual prayer, while the intellect is engaged, we’re led by God’s love in the Spirit. God bless

  2. our perspective, within a vast universe, is very limited. But, yes, I think that it is plausible to believe that love moved God to create such that His love would proliferate through and even unify His creation through this proliferation- through us such that we would, in fact, become the image of loving creation, the image of God the Son, that is, the Body of Christ. He is the Vine and we are the branches, and His Spirit moves through us who accept it with obedient hearts. We will be perfected when humanity becomes, as one, like Christ.

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