If You Think You’re in a Hurry, You’re Right – As Seen in a Fascinating Video

022015Feeling a little rushed lately? Well, you might be surprised at how fast you’re actually moving, even when you’re “standing still.”

The video below, which I recently saw on Fr Z’s Blog, quite vividly illustrates that we are hauling through space in a kind of whirlwind or vortex of motion. Later this week, I will say more about the cross writ large in our sky. But on Fridays I like to keep it a bit lighter. This isn’t exactly light, but it sure is a neat illustration of what I have written before: if you think you’re in a hurry, you’re right. Consider, before you view the video below,

  • At the latitude of Washington D.C., the Earth is rotating at about 750 miles an hour. [1]
  • The rotating Earth is also revolving around the Sun at approximately 67,000 miles an hour. [2]
  • The sun, around which the Earth revolves so fast, is moving around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy at 483,000 miles per hour. [3]
  • And the whole Milky Way Galaxy is moving through space at 1,339,200 miles per hour. [4]

It’s dizzying to consider our speed and motion. A spinning planet, revolving around a sun, which is moving around the center of a galaxy, which itself is careening through space at over a million miles an hour. So if you think you’re standing still, think again. We are actually hurtling through space at dizzying speeds.

Yes, you’re on the move! You’re moving so fast that you met yourself coming back. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re loafing.

Here are some biblical “speed texts.” Hurry up and read them!

Look! The Lord advances like the clouds, his chariots come like a whirlwind, his horses are swifter than eagles (Jer 4:13).

I will hasten and not delay to obey your commands, O Lord (Psalm 119:60 Heth).

Hurry! Go quickly! Don’t stop! (1 Sam 20:38)

God has told me to hurry (2 Chron 35:21).

Enjoy this video:

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  1. Your nephew Mark keeps telling me to “do it again! ” He loves the “spiral mortex!” I’m being asked again, so thanks for this cool video. We are riding the mortex!

  2. The Earth is not a big ball that we all walk around on top of…

    We live inside the Earth…


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