Demons Believe and Tremble: A Reflection on the Theft of the Eucharist by Satanists

082414A couple of years ago I wrote of an unusual experience I had at Mass wherein a person who was troubled by a demon had those demons manifest themselves at the consecration, causing the person to run out of the Church. More on that in a moment.

I thought of that long-ago incident in relation to the current events transpiring in Oklahoma City, where a satanic cult stole the Eucharist from a Catholic parish and announced plans to desecrate it at a satanic “mass” in September. Archbishop Paul Coakley filed a lawsuit, asking a judge to stop the desecration by requiring the group to return the stolen property. He indicated in the suit that the Host was to be desecrated in the vilest ways imaginable as an offering in sacrifice to Satan.

A spokesman from the satanic group, Adam Daniels, said, “The whole basis of the [satanic] mass  is that we take the consecrated host and give it a blessing or offering to Satan. We’re censoring it, [I think he means using incense], doing all things that’s [sic] normally done to bless a sacrifice, which is obviously the host body of Christ. Then we’re taking that and we’re reconsecrating it, or the Devil does …”

[The bracketed comment and the single quotation marks within the above quote are mine.]

In light of the threatened lawsuit, the group returned the consecrated host to the Church. Thanks be to God. But did you notice the satanic spokesman’s attestation regarding the host: “which is obviously the host body of Christ”?

Grave and sad though this incident was (and it wasn’t the first), these Satanists obviously consider the Catholic Eucharist to be the Body of Christ. Unless I missed it, there have been no attempts by Satanists to steal and use a Methodist host, or an Episcopal one, or a Baptist one, or a Lutheran one, etc. It is a Catholic host they seek. Here then is an affirmation of the Scripture which says, Even the demons believe—and shudder (James 2:19).

Elsewhere, Scripture says of a demon that afflicted a man among the tombs, And when he saw Jesus from afar, he ran and worshiped him (Mark 5:6). And in Luke’s Gospel, And demons also came out of many, crying, “You are the Son of God!” But he rebuked them, and would not allow them to speak, because they knew that he was the Christ (Lk 4:41-42).

Indeed, as many who have assisted at exorcisms can attest, there is wonderful power in holy water, relics, the exorcist’s cross, the touch of a priest’s stole, and so forth in afflicting demons and urging them to leave. Yet so many Catholics and others discount these sacramentals (as well as the Sacraments), using them carelessly, infrequently, or not at all. Many people, even faithful Catholics, consider them of little significance. But demons do not. Shamefully, demons sometimes manifest more faith (out of fear) in these things than actual believers who ought to revere them out of loving faith.  Even this Satanist in Oklahoma acknowledges that Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist and he seeks a host for that reason, although obviously for nefarious and perverse purposes.

And that leads to a story of my own that I published a long while back. Here is an excerpt from that piece:

It was almost 15 years ago. I was At Old St. Mary’s here in D.C. celebrating Mass in the Latin (Extraordinary Form). It was a solemn high Mass. I don’t suppose I thought it any different than most Sundays, but something quite amazing was about to happen.

As you may know, the ancient Latin Mass is celebrated “ad orientem” (toward the Liturgical East). Priest and people all face in one direction. What this means practically for the celebrant is that the people are behind him. It was time for the consecration. At this time, the priest is directed to bow low with his forearms on the altar table and the host between his fingers.

As directed, the venerable words of Consecration were said in a low but distinct voiceHoc est enim Corpus meum (For this is my Body). The bells rang as I genuflected.

But behind me there was a disturbance of some sort; a shaking or rustling sound came from the front pews behind me to my right. And then a moaning or grumbling. “What was that?” I wondered. It did not really sound human, more like the grumbling of a large animal such as a boar or a bear, along with a plaintive moan that also did not seem human. I elevated the host and again wondered, “What was that?” Then silence. As the celebrant in the ancient Latin Mass I could not easily turn to look. But still I thought, “What was that?”

It was time for the consecration of the chalice. Again I bowed low, pronouncing clearly and distinctly but in a low voice, Hic est enim calix sanguinis mei, novi et æterni testamenti; mysterium fidei; qui pro vobis et pro multis effundetur in remissionem pecatorum. Haec quotiescumque feceritis in mei memoriam facietis (for this is the cup of my Blood, of the new and eternal covenant; the mystery of faith; which will for the many be shed unto the remission of sins. Whensoever you do this, you do it in my memory.)

Then, I heard another sound, this time an undeniable moan and then a shriek as someone cried out, “Leave me alone, Jesus! Why do you torture me?” Suddenly there was a scuffling noise and someone ran out with the groaning sound of having been injured. The back doors swung open and then closed. Then silence.

Realization – I could not turn to look for I was raising the Chalice high over my head. But I knew in an instant that some poor demon-tormented soul had encountered Christ in the Eucharist and could not endure His real presence displayed for all to see. And the words of Scripture occurred to me: Even Demons believe and tremble (James 2:19).

Repentance – But just as James used those words to rebuke the weak faith of his flock, I too had to repent. Why was a demon-troubled man more aware of the true presence and more astonished by it than I was? He was moved in a negative sense and ran. Why was I not more moved in a positive but comparable way? What of the other believers in the pews? I don’t doubt that all of us believed intellectually in the true presence. But there is something very different and far more wonderful in being moved to the depth of your soul! It is so easy for us to be sleepy in the presence of the Divine, to be forgetful of the miraculous and awesome Presence available to us.

Let the record show that on that day, almost 15 years ago, it was made quite plain to me that I held in my hands the Lord of Glory, the King of Heaven and earth, the just Judge and Ruler of the kings of the earth. Is the Lord truly present in the Eucharist? You’d better believe it; even demons believe that!

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  1. Ashamed that I do not tremble in the presence of the Lord as the demons do. Oh, Lord, forgive me my unbelief!

    1. Why hasn’t anyone mentioned that there is still only ONE part of the mass that is still in the GREEK! Come on all catholics, does anyone know what it is and WHY? It is quite possibly one of the most important plea that we should be saying several times a day. Not only for ourselves, but FOR THE WHOLD WORLD! Especially our enemies.

      1. Kyrie elision, Christe elision, Kyrie eleison – Translated from the Greek:
        Lord Have Mercy, Christ Have Mercy, Lord Have Mercy

  2. Your story makes a good argument for the return of the solemn Latin mass. The world has really gone down since the changes to the new order.

    1. Demons do not tremble at Latin, but to Jesus. He is the same, Latin or English.

        1. Faith is what makes the Eucharistic experience significant and fruitful ,be it in English, Latin or any language.

          1. It is not just a matter of language, Lukas. And consecration is an objective reality when done properly, not just a matter of Faith. That’s why it’s so important to prepare properly to receive so as not to be judged of unworthy reception, no?

          2. They can’t steal the Eucharist as easy in the old mass, obviously. And would have to say it is more respectful overall (the old mass). Also, Vatican II is pretty cleat that Latin should be used often – not sure why it isn’t.

          3. Xavier and Lukas, “Demons do not tremble at Latin, but to Jesus” and “Faith is what makes the Eucharist experience significant and fruitful” (25th august ) are correct only to a point.
            Canisius is correct in saying, ‘ it is not the same’.
            In terms of sheer reverence the Latin rite Traditional Mass is by far, is more efficacious….Our Youth crave for the sacred.
            Latin is the language of the Angels.
            To suggest that the same language (English) we use in every day discourse, EG Yelling at the Kids or neighbours or abusing the sports referee or in arguments or exchanges with all and sundry, we now use to try and praise or glorify God. And please don’t give me that tired argument that Latin cant be understood.

            My 7 year old Grandson can pronounce and speak Latin and with it continued use will soon understand its intricacies and even now can feel that it is something special

        2. Of course it is the same, it just doesn’t look the same.
          I saw a boy walk out all in pain and sweat during a Mass, just before Sanctus. That was a Novus Ordo Mass, in Polish, on a school table in a school corridor. I ran out after him (I’m not a priest :), I held him when he swooned, I stayed with him all the time till the Mass downstairs finished, I was praying the rosary when he was later exorcised. I saw and heard enough to last a lifetime, really. The first thing I asked our priest later was to take me to a church and give me Communion (as I left the Mass too, and did not return).
          This story DOES have a long ending, I could tell a lot more. But this all really is about a VALID Catholic Eucharist, no mater the rite and the language.

        3. You are missing the point – the demon didn’t back down because of the specific rite. The demon backed down because of the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. If you are suggesting that there is not a real consecration in a Novus Ordo Mass, then tread lightly – you are NOT acting in communion with the Roman Catholic Church. Also, to put things in a little perspective, many of the various Eastern Rites are FAR older in origin than the Latin Mass. An individual from one of those traditions could have some very amusing comments to make about your words! And believe me, many an Orthodox Christian does indeed chuckle at similar comments.

          1. You are right. No catholic faithful can claim that the NO consecration is invalid while the TLM one is.
            Jesus is equally present in both consecrations.
            The exorcists who often use the Eucharist to force the demons getting out of the possessed people certainly would have noticed if the NO hosts weren’t working with that aim.
            Therefore, yes Jesus is TRULY present in the NO’s Eucharist.

      1. But in the Latin Mass, the priest face the Tree of Life (Just like Adam did) ….soon XB you will understand.

      2. Try saying the Rosary in Latin, believe me demons tremble at the sound of it. Latin is a very old language, a dead language, that is why it is used in the Catholic Faith, just like the True Faith and GOD, it never changes!

        Since the Mass went to Novus Ordo, the demons laugh at it, too many changes, man made changes. too many bad men-Freemasons, luciferions etc. I attend only the Latin Tridentine Mass, have for 20 years. The entire Mass is a ritual, every move of the Priest is an experience of Calvary, every move!

        1. Susy, listen to yourself. You just stated that the demons laugh at the Mass – the Mass, where Jesus Christ Himself, the Lord of Heaven and Earth is present alive and in person. I put it to you that they laugh at their Creator at their peril.

          To say that the demons laugh at the Mass, they do not tremble, cannot possibly be true: Jesus Christ Himself is present at each and every Mass. In the presence of Christ, the demons tremble. Therefore, at each and every Mass, the demons tremble.

          1. Marie, listen to yourself. The Satanists are not laughing at their Creator, but rather at the ‘faithfuls’ diminution of His Presence at what is to be His very own Mass. That is what the Demons would revel in. So I would imagine they are quite gleeful at every Mass that is poorly offered and attended by a distracted faithful. Like watching someone you loathe being mocked by his own wife and children. And the more the family mocks Him or disregards or belittles Him, the better His enemies like it. For the family is doing their work for them.

            As to the rest, Our Lord is present at every ‘validly’ celebrated black mass. The demons are not trembling there, but rather seeking to desecrate Our Lord out of malice. His presence is rather a twisted joy, I’d imagine, as they plan to mock Him. So I’d put forth that it is the actions of the people that either please or displease Satanists when it comes to Catholic Mass. Anything that distracts from the Real Presence is likely a plus to them.

            That is why preeminence and ultimate respect and filial devotion is so necessary in the Mass

          2. Finally someone who said what needed to be said. People are creating confusion and fighting over things they do not understand properly. Yes, the mass is valid in whatever language, and the Lord is present in the Holy Sacrament and that is what makes it valid. As for languages, i have grown up listening to the Holy Mass in Croatian, then for about 20 years in English and in the last few years in Latin. The only reason i go to a Latin mass is because it is said respectfully and reverently, the celebrants and the people, from little children to very old people are show much more respect and reverence and are praying visibly more fervently than any mass in English i have ever attended. It basically comes down to this; this is my impression and not a judgment of anyone: people attending mass in English (your average American Catholic) seem to think that just being there inside the church is enough, and that the way they behave is of no importance and they can “worship” however they want. Again, at Latin masses, most people seem to be much more aware that we pray with our entire being, not just our voices, and that our whole demeanor either glorifies God or insults Him. Latin or English is not the issue here. The issue is that most American Catholics lack proper basic knowledge of what the Holy Mass is and how to be a part of it. Whose fault is this? I have my opinion.

          3. Ann, what you say – that they laugh gleefully not at the Mass itself, but at people’s irreverence – makes some sense. It’s a good distinction. What Suzy said is utter nonsense. Her words: “Since the Mass went Novus Ordo the demons laugh at it” Notice, she says they laugh at _it_ the Mass. Suzy may have _meant_ to make the distinction you make, but she did not in fact make the distinction. Her comment as it it stands is absurd and offensive.

            Yes offensive. It’s just as much of an offense against the majesty of the Mass as any committed during its celebration. See, in that comment it’s really not Satan laughing at the Novus Ordo (who knows if he is or not, that’s not observable, Suzy’s not reporting a literal demonic manifestation she witnessed (thank God)), she’s expressing her own derision and mockery for that form of the Mass by putting words in Satan’s mouth. Her words. To mock or deride the Mass – whatever form it is celebrated in – is very offensive. I am hoping that Suzy had not thought this all through when she phrased her comment that way, hence the stern “listen to yourself’ phrasing intended to bring to her senses someone who inadvertently mocks or derides something she actually holds sacred.

            Oh, and a further point: Even if it were a literal demonic manifestation that Suzy were reporting, even if we knew that Satan and/or his minions _were_ laughing at the NO form of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass – that would prove nothing. Exactly nothing. Satan is a liar and the father of lies. He is apt to laugh at something not because he really has no fear of it, but to get us to believe he has no fear of it (a lying laugh). Perhaps even a “dying laugh” a “rebelling to the bitter end” (which we know will be very bitter indeed for Satan) laugh.

            I’ll raise you an analogy. The man that you mentioned whose enemy laughed has committed many crimes against him and adds insult to injury by laughing at his family problems finally arrests said enemy, transporting him off to face the justly deserved punishments for his crimes. This enemy is utterly obdurate and laughs and laughs even in those last handcuffed moments before his punishment. Does this perturb the man? No. Let the enemy laugh. He can laugh right up until he tastes the punishment. It won’t delay the just punishment nor make it any less painful.

          4. Marie: Sadly there are many priests that don’t believe in the Real and Corporeal presence of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. They believe that he is in fact present but only, in that more ethereal sense that he is present, when two or more are gathered in his name.
            In my corner of the world (Western Australia) I have serious doubts about the ‘intent’ and ‘form’ of the Mass ‘celebrated’ by some priests and consequently the validity of the said, Mass,
            I agree that the graces would still ‘flow’ for a person who attended such a Mass despite the intentions of the Priest, provided of course that the person was not aware of the Priests deficiencies.

    2. I attend both the Latin Mass and the Novus Ordo Mass. I agree that both are valid. There are some who say that the Latin has more power since it is truly the language of the Church and has been, in a sense, sacramentalized by years of use as the ‘language of the Mass’. I don’t know anything about that or how valid the statement is.

      I do know that I feel something very special during the Tridentine Mass when it comes to the consecration, yet I don’t understand most of what the priest is saying (of course you can see what is going on). I actually feel as if heaven has been opened up before us. Perhaps it is just an emotional reaction, I don’t know. I do know that it is quite common when doing an exorcism, for priest to have difficulty with success in using the new vernacular rite of exorcism and only have success once they use the old Latin rite of the exorcism. I also know that the depth of faith of those who are part of a ‘Latin Mass’ parish seems to touch every part of their lives while those friends of mine who attend a ‘Novus Ordo’ parish seem to relegate most of their Catholic faith to an hour on Sunday. Again, this may very well be due to all the trappings that go along with belonging to a ‘Latin Mass’ parish such as strong sermons, long lines at confession, all the ‘smells and bells’, the processions, the deep faith and commitment of the priests, etc.

      Since I started attending a Latin Mass parish, my faith has taken over my life and my relationship with Jesus is far deeper and more real than before.

      1. absolutely, there is so much more depth, Holiness in a Latin Tridentine Mass, I was in tears after my first Latin Tridentine Mass an adult-I remembered it as a child. No words can really describe.

        1. St Donatus is absolutely right in thinking that in a traditional Tridentine Mass there is (perhaps we should say there can be) a powerful emotional feeling of the opening of heaven on earth. And he’s absolutely right that the people one encounters at Latin Mass parishes seem to be more deeply and fully religious than many of the people one finds at Novus Ordo Masses. But a Novus Ordo Mass, celebrated by a priest who has a proper sense of the verticality of the Mass (its character as an act of worship) rather than its horizontality, (its character as fellowship) can also give us this powerful sense of the sacred.

          Susy says “absolutely” in expressing her agreement with him, but she is really saying something very different. To argue that there is much more holiness in a Latin Mass than in the Novus Ordo is wrong, and dangerously so. Both Masses are equally valid. They might not be equally beautiful, or equally appealing to us emotionally. But to say that somehow we get more Grace from the one than from the other, is to substitute our feelings in place of our theological understanding. When we do this, we reduce religion to emotion, and the reduction of religion to emotion is extraordinarily dangerous, not least because it makes our feelings the determiner of our own conduct. Emotivism makes me–and not the Lord God Almighty–the judge and determiner of my life.

  3. The EF is perfect for people who do not want the priest to see them…Makes sense.

    I have noticed two similar events in a particular parish over the past 8 years…

    1. This is an interesting observation. What exactly do you mean by “people who do not want the priest to see them”? I’ve certainly heard of people being consoled by being able to go to Confession anonymously without the priest seeing their face, but this is the first time I’ve heard someone mention anything about not wanting the priest to see them at Mass.

      Unfortunately for such persons, in the Extraordinary Form there are plenty of moments during the Mass where the priest is facing the people, even (in the case of proclaiming the homily) looking around at and making eye contact with the congregation. If for some reason someone really was that shy and did want to assist anonymously at Mass, I really don’t know what to suggest. Perhaps go to the most crowded Mass of the day at the largest parish in the diocese? And sit towards the back?

      1. I think that Tailler Huws means is that this ‘demon possessed’ person didn’t want the priest to see them not that people are interested in the Latin Mass because they are shy.

  4. Praised be Jesus, Monsignor Pope!
    I’m in awe of and infinitely grateful to our Lord, so noble, merciful, and
    glorious for allowing me to be present before Him and pleading before Him
    at mass. When I fix my eyes on Him, in the blessed Sacrament, my eyes are
    filled with tears! And almost always after receiving holy communion, tears
    stream down my face…. I am so overwhelmed by His love, His presence.
    He is most beautiful.

    1. The greatness of your love for Him and purity of your witness are very moving. I pray the Lord increase His Light in you and protect you from all darkness. Shine brightly, and may nothing impede your growth. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

      1. That is the sweetest thing a man has ever said to me… and it brought out happy tears. Thank you!

  5. Years ago, in our then home parish, after mass as we were all starting to gather in the parking lot, we all witnessed quite a sight. Our diminutive parish priest still in his vestments came running ( and I mean he could have won an olympic medal for his speed). He flew passed us as we watched him chase and confront a stranger who had attended our mass. He successfully retrieved a consecrated host that the perp had taken during our communion reception. None of us had seen anything like it before, and were shocked upon hearing the details. This was over twenty years ago and I can still see Fr. Sam, vestments flying, rescuing our Lord from who knows what. It was the first time that my eyes were opened to this demonic threat.

  6. Wow. A few months back I was at mass with an individual whom I consider to be rather troubled. At communion this person got up and left and did not return till after it was finished. It didn’t occur to me until reading this article that it was Jesus Himself who inspired the run for the door. Makes perfect sense though.

    Once again Msgr, you have humbled me and I thank you.

  7. I have personally witnessed persons attempting to steal the Blessed Sacrament on several occasions over the years. Some times the priest will confront the person; I have noticed that Eucharistic ministers will not confront anyone. I don’t know what to do when this happens–are we supposed to tackle somebody even though we just received ourselves, and are returning to our place? I believe that reception of communion whilst standing, in the hand, has led to much more frequent desecration of the Blessed Sacrament because (1) it is easy to do when received in this manner; and (2) the casualness of distribution of Holy Communion de-sacralizes the sacrament for virtually everyone. It is now past time to mandate a return to receiving Holy Communion on the tongue, by a priest only, kneeling at an altar rail, unless for some reason the person cannot kneel (such as disabled persons who cannot get out of a wheelchair, etc.).
    Father, I have heard that animal-like sound you describe–one of my former college roommates is a lapsed Catholic who is now a practicing witch & member of Wicca. I confronted her over worshipping Satan, and what they do at their coven meetings–she denied same, but instead of what was probably intended as a sort of incredulous laugh, what came out was a sort of barking snarl that sounded like a mythical beast. I have heard this barking snarl come out of other persons into the occult, and it is a pretty discombobulating thing to hear.

    1. Quite a while ago (10yrs or so) I attended Mass with my family. We went to a different church than we normally attend in an urban area fairly close to where we live. There was one person in particular who caught my attention in front of us as he had a “wild” (long scraggly hair, dirty clothes) appearance to him, it was very warm and he was dressed completely inappropriately for the weather (and had almost costume type attire on to boot). I have to admit, I was a little distracted by him. My mind wandered into how God touches all types and how good it was he goes to church. He was acting strange all through Mass which made me wonder how he made it to church, how he knew to go there and how he knew what time (did I mention I was distracted…). He sat well in front of my family, and I watched him as he went up for communion. He took the host from the priest, and held it in front of his chest as he proceeded to walk down the side aisle passing his pew and headed to the back of the church. I waited for someone to stop him. I was HOPING someone would stop him. But no one did, As he approached my pew I got up, held my hand out (in a stopping gesture) until his chest hit my hand. He just stared. i told him he must consume the host in order to proceed. He lifted the host up, broke it in half and ate both pieces in an animated way, saying nothing. I sat back down, and he walked away.

      It was uncomfortable. It was a little scary as I had young kids with me and I didn’t know what was going to happen. And it was edifying.

      I think it’s no ones resposibility, and it’s everyones responsibility.

      WE are the body of Christ

      1. I was told by a holy person in charge of cleaning our chuch every week that she found once an host between the pages of a missal, and another time a host sticked in a chewing gum under a pew.
        My brother once saw a host fallen on the ground while the priest was giving the communion to the standing people. The priest hadn’t noticed it, but the man before my brother in the line saw it: He didn’t dare leaning to pick it up and pushed the host aside with the tip of his foot !

  8. At my mother’s parish in Canada they have ushers standing at the top of the isles where people go down to go back to their seats. They will stop anyone who has not consumed the host yet and try to go back to their seats with it in their hand. The parish has also had people try to break into the adoration chapple to steal the host.

    Good article. We need the reminder not to take for granted that the host is the true body and blood of Christ.

  9. Thank you Monsignor. I have never considered satanists as believing in the Eucharist. Yet, it must be so and that may be the ultimate paradox in this world. These hate-filled people believe more fully in the True Presence and sense His power much more than many believers. Amazing to think about that–simply amazing.

  10. Great post, thank you! I recently discovered Eucharistic adoration (I’m of a younger generation and didn’t grow up very religious), but I love so much spending time with Jesus alone in the sacrament. Thank you for strengthening my faith.

  11. Great article Msgr. Pope!

    All those replying, please note that Msgr. capitalizes the word Mass, because it’s a proper noun when referring to the liturgy. To be even more correct and respectful, we could write Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

    No offense intended.

    God Bless!


  12. Every time I receive Jesus in the Sacred Host, my eyes fill with tears. How privileged we are to be Catholics.
    We have the truth and we know it, and nobody can take it from us.I thank Jesus daily for my faith.
    I really appreciate your posts Monsignor , don’t stop.

  13. I was drawn to what the Holy Spirit spoke through the prophet Isaiah;
    “This is the one whom I approve:
    the afflicted one, crushed in spirit,
    who trembles at my word.” (Is 66:2)
    This because greater awareness of His Pure Love means greater awareness of our unworthiness, no? In our weakness we recognize, by His Grace, our greater dependence on Him Who Is Mercy. We seek in purity of heart and He fills us with Light and Love. Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Altar, I cannot put into words the experience of this ‘Fullness’. But the demons tremble even at the Name. They cannot bear the Presence of His Light, His Love. They are forever beyond.

  14. Amazing story, Monsignor! The power of the sacraments!
    Didn’t St. Padre Pio once say that it would be easier for the world to exist without the sun, than it would be for it to exist without the Eucharist?
    We are so vulnerable without the sacraments & sacramentals of our Church!
    This is why I am so amazed, and angered I’ll have to admit, when I see that my parish has emptied the holy water fonts on Good Friday!
    This past Good Friday, I encountered a church employee near the empty holy water font and I respectfully commented that it’s a shame that they take away the holy water like this. She said that Father M. knows the right way to do things and that this is how it’s supposed to be done on Good Friday. I asked her how one is to receive a blessing then, when we enter the Church, if there is no holy water. She said, “I guess you could make an appointment with Father…”. Really? Does it have to be that complicated? Will the Father actually have time to meet with me? Is he even in today? It’s just empty symbolism, leaving the fonts dry like that, devoid of any really substantive meaning.
    I can only imagine how the devil and demons laugh when they see this “one wierd thing” being done in our Churches.
    Can you comment on this, Monsigner, why some parishes do this?
    Thank you & God bless!

    1. Maybe it’s because there’s no Mass celebrated on Good Friday, and because the Holy Water is specially blessed on Holy Saturday. The Source of all Life was crucified on this day; why would it be strange that dryness and barrenness would follow? I believe that the dry holy water fonts add to the solemnity of Good Friday. We are nothing without Christ, the True Source of all Graces. I would not worry so much about this, it is an ancient Tradition of the Church, and those who established it did so for a good reason. We still are allowed to receive Our Lord and adore Him that day..

    2. Monsignor Pope: Powerful story and testimony. Thank you!
      I wonder how the Satanist power can desecrate the Body and Blood of Christ? How does the consecrated Host be offered to Satan when Satan trembles in fear of our Lord? I’m kind of confused. Please help.

      Donna: A few years ago, the Holy water fonts were empty for the entire Lenten season at my local parish. I wrote to the pastor respectfully and enclosed a letter from the Congregation for the Divine Worship and Disciplines of the Sacraments. You may want to check it out.
      Here is the link from adoremus website dated March 14, 2000.

      God bless!

  15. Enjoyed the reflection. However, I have been mystified by this entire event. Maybe you could help clarify.

    First, let me set the foundation so I am not misunderstood. I fully believe in the Real Presence and the transubstantiation of the bread and wine into body and blood. I fully believe in the Blessed Sacrament we are lifted from the mundane into the supernatural world, we participate in heaven. I have no doubts when it comes to the power and significance of the sacrament. And I do not believe any disrespect should be shown to the host or to any sacramental.

    Your views seem to match mine when it comes to the power of the Lord over demons. I applauded your insights. However, that which seems clear to me does not appear clear to others. Consider…

    1) We do not bring Christ into the bread and wine, but rather it is His grace, His providence, His power that makes this possible,
    2) We can know the Real Presence and the transubstantiation of the bread and wine, thus we participate,
    3) The Eucharist takes place in transcendent or supernatural space as the relation between Christ and the faithful worshiper is consummated resulting in Christ within.

    So, why do some believe the host falling into the hands of the Satanist poses a problem? It is not as if we can trap the Lord in the host and then kidnap Him and deliver Him to Satanists. Right? That would be a very weak God indeed, and would not be the Triune God of the Catholic faith.

    It is clear (to me at least) that the Lord cannot be trapped in a consecrated host but rather determines when and where he is present and to whom. Thus, once the Eucharistic sacrament concludes and the sacred relationship that takes place in supernatural space is consummated, a consecrated host cannot trap the Lord and allow him to be kidnapped for other purposes. (Of course His Presence remains with the Tabernacle, which accounts for later use of the hosts. Likewise, the consecrated host can be taken to the sick as the sacred relationship and holy intention continues, spanning mundane space and time.)

    In all the theology with which I am familiar it seems very, very clear we cannot trap the Lord in a host. And in the actual prayer of the Mass it seems clear as well. Thus, I am confused by the hysteria surrounding a host that, to my eyes, has nothing to do with the Lord once it is taken for demonic purposes. I cannot imagine the Lord we worship being trapped in a host and delivered to Satan. Sounds ludicrous to me. Sounds like idolatry. Sounds like man assuming powers he does not possess.

    Any help in sorting out the issues?

    1. Well what we can or cannot do is beside the point. The Lord allowed himself to fall into our hands at the crucifixion though he did not have to. Same here. I suspect the Lord “not being able” to flee the Host is rooted in the teaching of transubstantiation which the Lord will not vitiate even if the recipient is not to his liking, and he does this for the sake of his Body, the Church lest we be vexed by wondering when and if the presence departs the host etc. So we are not “trapping” the Lord, he is freely abiding with us.

      1. Indeed, Christ’s body, blood, soul, and divinity are now the Host’s substance, after consecration. Christ in his proper person in eternal heaven is glorified and beyond all earthly harm…but the sacramental species are his real presence in the world, objectively. And they can be adored or mistreated, and it is mistreating or adoring HIM.

    2. Hi Greg Stone,

      Your reasoning leans toward Protestantism. You said:

      “So, why do some believe the host falling into the hands of the Satanist poses a problem? It is not as if we can trap the Lord in the host and then kidnap Him and deliver Him to Satanists. Right? That would be a very weak God indeed, and would not be the Triune God of the Catholic faith.”


      This is where THEOLOGY comes into play.

      This is the God, Who will judge the wicked for their wicked deeds:

      “For as often as you shall eat this bread, and drink the chalice, you shall shew the death of the Lord, until he come. [27] Therefore whosoever shall eat this bread, or drink the chalice of the Lord unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and of the blood of the Lord. [28] But let a man prove himself: and so let him eat of that bread, and drink of the chalice. [29] For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, EATETH AND DRINKETH JUDGMENT to himself, not discerning the body of the Lord. [30] Therefore are there many infirm and weak among you, and many sleep [DIED].” – 1 Corinthians 11:27-30

      If the Satanic clowns show up with the consecrated host for their clown party, believe me, I would not want to be there!

      1. Thank you for the replies. They did not fully address my concerns. First, responding to Monsignor Pope.

        I understand the incarnation and the crucifixion and I understand the aspect of sacrifice in the Eucharist. And I understand how that applies to the Body of Christ.

        However, that line of thinking does not extend to those, such as Satanists, who do not participate in the actual Eucharist. It would seem the view you express, Monsignor, lends to a theology that diminishes the finality of the saving act of the Resurrection. It seems to tilt toward a view that argues Christ did not overcome evil through the Resurrection.

        When you say “he is freely abiding with us” you echo my point, which means He exercises choice and thus His choice cannot be vetoed by Satanists wishing it to be so. And it means he does not need us to go rescue Him, as if he is trapped in a host.

        Hope this helps with the reflection on this issue, as perhaps it is has not received the attention it deserves. (See the comment further down in which I present the views of an earlier theologian.)

      2. Repent and Belief the Gospel, I also feel your answer only strengthens the point I am making.

        If you believe the host is in no real danger as the Satanists will suffer the results of their actions, then there is certainly no need to worry about its recovery. If that is your view, then you agree with me that the Lord is the one who exercises choice (and grace) and thus He (and only He) will determine the results and there is no need for hysteria and no need for us to chase about as if we are protecting a trapped Lord.

        You have offered no theology that addresses my question. (And, please, do not whip out the “you must be Protestant” canard. That is simply insulting and inappropriate, as well as non-factual.)

        For theology, see my next comment.

        1. So what? If my son was Rambo and some clown kidnapped him, I would still be concern about him because I LOVE HIM. I would not want anyone to insult my Rambo son (wow: I have to do analogy with you, because you just don’t get it). You know what love is don’t you? Or is that a foreign concept to you?

          If anything, this crime set a bad example for juveniles to imitate.
          You are concern about the souls of the juveniles (Satanists, clown, what ever..) aren’t you?

      3. St. Peter Julian Eymard, in his wonderful work, The Real Presence, writes:

        Page 106

        He has not only a body but a soul as well. He does not want to be loved as bodies are loved; He wants us to go straight to His soul with our minds and our hearts, without using our senses to discover Him.

        Page 106

        For that matter, although our Lord is truly present in the Blessed Sacrament in body and in soul, He abides therein after the manner of spirits. Spirits cannot be analyzed or dissected; neither can they be reached with the senses.

        Page 106 [Most important excerpt.]

        Species do not touch Him, nor do they form part of Him. They are, however, inseparably united to the sacramental Christ. They are, as it were, the terms of His presence. They tell us where He is. They localize Him. Our Lord could have taken a purely spiritual manner of existence; but then, how could we find Him? Where could we look for Him?

        Page 106

        OUR Lord veils Himself for our good and our advantage, to force us to study His Soul, His intentions, and His virtues in Himself.

        Page 107

        Instead of showing Himself to our eyes, He shows Himself to our soul. Through His own light He notifies us of His presence in us. He is both the light and the object we must contemplate in that light; He is the object and the means of our faith.

        Page 107

        The clearness of one’s insight into the Eucharist is proportioned to one’s greater or lesser love and purity of life. Our Lord said so: “He that loveth Me, shall be loved of My Father: and I will love him and manifest Myself to him.”

        Page 108

        And since the heart follows the mind, since affection follows knowledge, it becomes easier to love in the presence of the Most Blessed Sacrament. Love is then actual, since it has for its object Jesus living before us and renewing all His mysteries in the Eucharist.

        Page 108

        Let us then remember that our Lord is in the Host in all His different states, and in His entirety. He who does not realize that lives in darkness; his faith is always weak and fails to make him happy.

        Page 114

        To remain with us Jesus Christ exposes Himself to ingratitude and insult. Nothing disheartens him.

        Page 117

        Our Lord gives Himself without any defense whatever. He loses His own power of action. No longer can He either complain, or flee, or call for help. He has forbidden His Angels to help Him or to punish those who insult Him.

        Page 122

        THE mere presence of Jesus lessens the power of demons and prevents them from lording it over men as they did before the Incarnation.

        Page 122

        The reign of the devil returns in proportion to the lessening of faith in the Eucharist.

        Page 133 | Loc. 1732-34 |

        This is the conflict of goodness with ingratitude. It is Jesus Who wants to out-love man’s hate, to love man in spite of himself, and to do him good for the pleasure of it. He will submit to anything rather than take revenge.


        Thus, we find two key concepts. One, he determines His condition. Fully, completely. Two, he forbids Angels to protect him! And yet, we seem to feel we can determine his condition (trapped) and we feel we can rush off in fits of hysteria to save Him, to protect Him. Something is amiss. If we agree He is fully in charge and not subject to danger that we must remedy, then all the hysteria of this event is for naught and is theologically wanting.

        Any agreement on that?

        1. Point #1 Do you think it is a good idea for the Satanists to desecrate the Host, since it sets a bad example?

          Point #2 Guess what genius? Perhaps you should be concern about the souls of the Satanists who commit this crime.

        2. Of course human beings cannot save God, per se, but we should at the very least show our love and display our belief in the Lord’s presence in the Blessed Sacrament by doing what we can to prevent desecration. Much like we need to do all we can in our own lives to prevent the desecration of the temple of our souls, Greg. That is not hysteria, but love and rightful zeal for the things of God.

          Your position seems to follow a line of pacifism as if that is the true measure of Faith. But I doubt that you would engage with such a dispassionate demeanor if the victim of such a dark ritual were say your wife or child or even yourself. For while we are striving for perfection, we are still very much human. That is we are flesh and blood. So while you may – hypothetically – not be disturbed at all should your wife and child fall into such circumstances, likely your wife and/or child would have a very decided take on your calmness.

          Would you accuse one of wanting theology if they wept over the thought of Our Lord being desecrated? So yes, Our Lord is in control. But perhaps these matters are but a test of our fidelity. A litmus of not just Faith, but love for Our Lord.

          1. Ann, thanks for weighing in.

            No problem with the idea of preventing desecration. However, one must ask how much one contributes to further desecration by responding to such pranksters. Whereas they may have drawn a crowd of a dozen or so with the publicity (we created) they will now draw hundreds. Whereas previously they would have had almost zero public platform, we have given them a national platform. Whereas previously we would have correctly ignored them as having no effect on our Lord or us, we have elevated them to the status of a danger to the faith, which they are not. Thus, in our zeal we overlooked the effects of our actions. Your word zeal captures the situation. If I am correct, the Lord rejected the zealots.

            I do not endorse unreasoned pacifism but rather reasoned engagement. A measure of faith comes through the effects one creates in a thoughtful manner, not in acts of pious posturing.

            The analogy with a family member being a victim does not hold up. That is covered in the exposition by Saint Eymard. Reducing Christ to a victim at the hands of Satanists stands our faith on its head. It is not sound from a theological perspective or the perspective of praxis.

            Perhaps you have correctly identified the motivation many felt – which is what I perceived. That is the idea of a “test of fidelity.” There was a general sense of a need for shows of piety. There was a sense of we must prove ourselves. That need to meet the test and prove oneself is the type of baiting in which Satan engages. It is right there in the gospel. The real damage the Satanists caused had nothing to do with the host, it had to do with the reaction they were able to prompt. It had to do with the way they were able to cause upset when none was due. As Monsignor Pope stated, they are the ones in danger. Let us not get that reversed.

            Anyway, I was hoping to find those with some grounding in theology who were willing to take this to a deeper level and work out the details. Not going to happen, apparently.

  16. I am so very proud of our spiritual leaders here, in Bishop Slattery and Archbishop Coakley. As we were called to confront this evil in our midst, it was obvious that there are many here who understand the gift of the Eucharist. But I also believe this is a great argument for why we should only be receiving our Lord at a communion rail, on the tongue, in this way the opportunity to spirit away a consecrated host becomes exponentially more difficult.

  17. Excellent post, Monsignor, and I do recall reading the earlier one of a couple of years ago. I think it was at that time, or in connection with another one of your posts, that I asked if the Church is of the practice of performing exorcisms of the premises, — not merely as a protection against bad people wish to do bad things in a Catholic church, but also in a situation like that of a multi-use chapel, where the facilities can be used not only for Mass, but also for, let’s say, performing a same-sex ‘marriage’ or an event organized by earth-based religionists. I have since come across Rituale Romanum, which is all Latin to me, but has a section on the exorcism of places. The stealing of a consecrated host is one thing, but such an act presupposes that the perpetrator cased a particular church before committing the crime. These days it might be a good idea for bishops to authorize a priest to don a stole and walk around the outside of a church with an aspersorium.

  18. +Through the . . . extraordinary . . . holy . . . Pope Leo XIII . . . GOD the Holy Spirit . . . contributed the below holy prayer to the Church . . . as a POWERFUL weapon against the evils afflicting our world today . . . I am so personally thankful to our wonderful LORD . . . Who in the abundance of His tender mercy . . . guided Mother Angelica and EWTN to once again . . . lift up . . . and share this holy prayer with GOD’s children once again . . . spreading it all over the world . . . as a daily recourse to the abundance of His divine mercy and blessed provisions for the . . . FAMILY OF GOD . . . living in our difficult day and age . . .

    Praying . . .


    +St. Michael the ARCHANGEL,
    defend us in battle.
    Be our defense against the
    wickedness and snares of the Devil.
    May GOD rebuke him, we humbly pray,
    and do thou,
    O Prince of the Heavenly Hosts,
    by the power of GOD,
    thrust into hell Satan,
    and all the evil spirits,
    who prowl about the world
    seeking the ruin of souls. +

    ““For He shall give His ANGELS charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.” – Psalm 91:11

    . . . all for Jesus+

  19. We have come a long way. Now, at least in one church where they use real bread, people walk out with the crumbs of the host on the bottom of their shoes. I know because I had volunteered to clean the church on occasion. It is a very, very liberal church with some unusual practices. I no longer attend.

  20. How can it be verified that the returned host is the genuine consecrated host? If that is true than the Black Mass cannot take place. Right?

  21. Yes, a demon may be tortured by the presence of the host but the rite is also involved. If you read accounts or listen to priests who are exorcists they will tell you that demons know any language but respond especially to the Rites of Exorcism prayed properly in Latin.

  22. Very touching story. What a miraculous blessing to be a Catholic, knowing that at mass, we actually experience Jesus real PRESENCE in us. I am proud to be a Catholic!

  23. “… these Satanists obviously consider the Catholic Eucharist to be the Body of Christ. Unless I missed it, … It is a Catholic host they seek. Here then is an affirmation of the Scripture .. (James 2:19).”

    Msgr. Pope, though it is true demons believe and tremble, in truth with the above you make a false strawman argument, and falsehoods always give aid and comfort to evil….

    How? Because the preference in using a Catholic host has nothing at all to do with Satanists or demons knowing or believing the consecrated host is the actual body of Christ. The Satanists do not seek the offerings of the other faiths because the other faiths do not believe their host is the actual body and blood of Christ. As such to use those hosts would have no more meaningful effect of mockery than a Satanist making their own host. Since one of the central purposes of the Black Mass is mockery. Thus all rational Satanists would prefer to use a host stolen from the Catholic Church over all other hosts.

    So your reasoning ends up serving to increase feeble minded reasoning among the faithful while giving the Satanist and Atheist another thing to mock. That is how false strawman arguments end up giving aid and comfort to evil.

    Most importantly, it encourages those lost souls traveling the path of evil to not seek out truth from those who follow Christ.

    1. So those being mocked by the Devil are those who believe in Christ’s actual Presence in the Blessed Sacrament. That is no straw man argument, James, for Satan loves to mock Truth.

      And your summation – Most importantly, it (the Monisgnor’s writing) encourages those lost souls traveling the path of evil to not seek out truth from those who follow Christ – is based on what?

      Sorry, but your logic is lost on me anyway.

      1. “….the central purposes of the Black Mass is mockery. Thus all rational Satanists would prefer to use a host stolen from the Catholic Church over all other hosts….So your reasoning ends up serving to increase feeble minded reasoning among the faithful while giving the Satanist and Atheist another thing to mock.”

        Okay Einstein, did you know that there are different types of Satanism (Criminal Satanists, Laveyan Satanist, Deistic Satanist, Demonolators are people who worship Demons, etc….)? The one who will conduct the Satanic Clown Black Mass is a REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER. Yeah, so what?… The Satanists know that they are mocking the Catholic Mass. But there is a group within Satanism that actually believe in the power of the Holy Eucharist (This is the hard core criminal Satanists).

        You need to get an education before lecturing the good Msgr.

        1. It would help, Repent and Believe, if you were not so nasty and uncharitable in your responses. Your comments harm the overall tone of the blog, and are themselves a form of mocking others. Best to reflect on this situation.

  24. Monsignor, many years ago, I used to bring communion to the Catholic patients in a couple of nursing homes in New Orleans. Once a week, our parish priest would say mass for them. During one of these masses, I helped him to give communion, for there were many. I approached a very old lady, who seemed half asleep. Before giving her communion, I asked her if she wanted to receive Our Lord Jesus, and she nodded. When I put the host in her tongue, she started screaming, “No, No, I have God in my mouth” over and over. I backed off a bit, and Father J. Immediately jumped between her and I, placed his hand on her forehead and started praying over her. When she finally collapsed, he stopped. We later realized that the aids would bring any patients, catholic or not to Mass.
    This really made a big impression on many of us, and Father told me to tell this testimony whenever I could. Thank you.

  25. I have heard persons groaning in great distress at a Shrine during Mass. Yes, both forms of the Mass are valid but I would have to say that there are more graces in the TLM—for one thing there are more sacramental in that liturgy just to begin with. People show their faith more commonly with proper dress and reverence. The prayers of the liturgy are more beautiful. The people who attend these days do not do it out of a habit but with purpose; they do not show up in shorts and flip-flops and leave early. They are the most likely to hear a homily that will teach them something and are more likely to learn what the Church teaches on many points whereas that is not much happening in novus ordo parishes for some reason which leaves the faithful to be catechized by the world.

    I normally attend the OF of the Mass but will assist at the TLM when I can.

    1. More grace available or more grace received? It’s possible the people attending the EF are more receptive to grace and thus receive more grace. But the grace available is the same: Jesus Christ Himself. Let’s not forget Who is the true and principal celebrant of EVERY Mass, offering Himself both to (in Holy Communion) and for (perfect Sacrifice presented to the Father on behalf of) poor sinners.

  26. I was praying the rosary..a woman came to my door ( a self proclaimed witch..long story!) I answered the door the rosary was still hidden in my hand…she recoiled as if I had a snake..I was perplexed until I realized the connection..USE YOUR WEAPONS!….Did not St. Padre Pio call the rosary his “weapon”…We are at WAR!..
    Rosaries..scapulars..medals…Holy water..blessed salt. The.Crucifix
    .Images of The Divine Mercy..The Sacred Heart…..Did not Our Lord ask that these images be venerated
    .I have visited “catholic” homes
    that are devoid of even a BIBLE! WAKE UP

    1. Hi Patricia, very interesting article, I liked it very much, it is amazing that when people are serving these so called other gods, that they will say or seem to think that the rosary looks like a snake. I wonder what would have happend to that witch lady who came by your door if you were pleading the blood of Jesus too or praying in tongues. You should consider offering a mass for her conversion, that too works miracles and wonders

  27. A few years ago I was giving communion on a Sunday morning. A woman I had never seen in church approached to receive. I don’t know why but my “spidey” senses went off when she approached. I noticed she was dressed completely in black, black jeans and black blouse. After I handed the host I noticed that instead of bring the Body of Christ to her mouth she just placed the host in the front pocked of her jeans. I left my station an chased her down the isle, graved by the shoulder and said “Hand HIM over”. She looked at me startled, placed her hand in her jeans pocket and returned the host to me. I quickly consumed The Body and went back to my station. It wasn’t until I was driving home that it downed to me. This woman was wearing tight jeans but when she handed over the Lord to me, the host was intact. You would expect than in an environment like a tight jeans pocked the host would break at least in half, but this host did not, it conserved its integrity until I place it in my mouth.

    “Viva Cristo Rey!!”

  28. An excellent post, Monsignor Pope. You capture the heart and mind of the Catholic Church well.

  29. Once during the course of a retreat, the priest reverently carried the Eucharistic Host in the monstrance, slowly walking among the pews, so that the thousands who were attending the retreat could come into proximity with His Presence, and a girl in my pew started shrieking and whining, pointing her hand to the Host and shaking her fingers as the priest passed by her. When he returned and went past her, she made the same shrieking sound again. On another occasion during Holy Mass, after consecration, a man suddenly shrieked, jumped off the ground into the air and landed with a loud thud on the floor. There he lay until the Mass was over. He then testified to his feeling of freedom and deliverance after the episode. He looked very peaceful. Another testified to having seen a black form leave this man’s body and flee from the church. Yes, we Catholics are blessed. Thank you Jesus!

  30. l once saw a group of casual looking men, dressed like labourers, talking casually outside the church just before Mass.
    They waited outside till the time for communion and then marched into the church, hands in pocket without any sign of respect.
    They headed straight past everyone else to the front of the queue.They each received a Host and put that in their pockets and walked straight out was about eight men in all.There is nothing l could do considering
    it was eight young men and nobody else had noticed so l let it pass because l was not all that prepared.

  31. Msgr, I enjoyed your post which I somehow found from When I worked for the Sheriff’s Office in Cincinnati we had satanists breaking into Catholic churches to steal consecrated hosts. And as I told my Protestant friends, they dont break into Protestant churches as even the Devil knows the true Church of Jesus Christ is the Catholic Church. Then I tell them to google Eucharistic Miracles and Incorruptible Saints, and ask the Holy Spirit why these miracles only occur in the Catholic Church.

    I’ve often wondered…ref John 6:66…..666 the Anti-Christ number……John 6:66 involves folks who are not going to believe in the Real Presence of Jesus and eating His Flesh and drinking His Blood…so they say, “I’m out of here, Jesus…You’re crazy…eating Your Flesh and Blood!!!!!” etc. I lump all Protestants and any one else who doesn’t believe in the Real Presence in this verse. They are anti-Christ, at least in not believing in the Real Presence. And does Jesus run after them and say…”Whoa whoa there!!!!!…..Come back!!! I was just speaking symbolically!!!!!!” ??? No He doesn’t!!! Do you think that it was just coincidence that that particular verse was John 666? Or did the Dhouay Rheims translators or maybe even St Jerome on purpose make it 6:66….???

  32. Demons are real, the Eucharist, is the real presence of JESUS. When you have JESUS nothing can harm you, just put your trust in him and surrender your life to him. Have no fear he loves you and if you new how much he loved you, you would cry with joy! God bless you and God bless America.
    Roger. Wales UK.

    1. Welcome to the U.S. blog, my friend from Wales! 🙂
      God Bless You and Wales UK!

  33. S.Mikambi August 26, 2014 at 1:27 pm when you see that happen speak up, alert everyone in the Church so everybody knows what is going on.
    What they did is sacrilege and it must be stopped.

  34. Sometimes at Mass I seem to notice the screeching and squawking of the little kids in parent’s arms often increases right at the consecration. Maybe it’s just my imagination because it is a particularly solemn moment, and the church is quieter, but it seems to me so many times it is right before or at this moment of consecration a little kid will suddenly scream out, “Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! NO. NO. NO. Wahhhhhhhhhaaaaa!” It’s usually happening in the back, and I don’t turn around, but I imagine the parent is hurrying out to the narthex, embarrassed, and some of the people around are scowling, and then I think maybe a demon has figuratively “pinched” or “poked” that little kid right at that moment, the little ones being the most vulnerable to distraction and least able to control an outburst, so they holler out.
    I have thought this would serve the purpose of distracting as many people as possible from their focus on Christ, cause at least one person to leave Mass (the parent), perhaps irritate many people, and maybe even bring some to anger at this most holy moment.
    Now I am in no way saying the little ones are possessed or demonically controlled. I am only saying the devil has many means of trying to draw us all away from attending to Christ in the Eucharist, and is not above any low means to accomplish that.
    So the next time a little kid “goes off” at the consecration, pray especially hard in adoration at that moment, rebuke Satan, and pray God make that little kid a saint someday, who will beat Satan over the head with Hail Mary’s!! That’ll get Satan to leave us alone at least for a little while, because his provocations will have an opposite affect than he desires.

  35. My sister was dieing. She had started to do stuff with the Jehova Witnessess who tell you that you must not receive blood transfusion but she needed it to survive the surgery. She went ahead with the surgery without the transfusion and was in coma for 3 days. My mother kept waiting for her to waken, but she wouldn’t. My sister was a confirmed Catholic before she started getting help and becoming close to this other group. I had done many prayers and took a host to her. She was unconscious so I placed it in her mouth, she ate part of it and the part she didn’t eat I ate the rest. They said she had some bad infection but I did not care, this is Jesus. She woke a few hours later. I will promise you this. Jesus is why she lived the next year. My sister’s death date was that day. Jesus in the Eucharist bought her purgatory on Earth. The Eucharist is real, you desecrate it at your own visit to Hell. I went to Hell one time after not getting forgiveness before I had the E. You will go to Hell if you do not confess to mortal sins before you have the Eucharist. It is a life Saver and also Dangerous.

  36. This would be one reason why you would not want someone to do a Black Mass with it. Jesus died for everyone including these very lost people. Jesus doesn’t want anyone to be lost. A person who does this, puts their soul to peril to Hell. Hell is real. People do not want to believe this because they haven’t gone there. You shouldn’t go there if you live your life right. Besides, its not judgment day yet. It is your own personal judgment day on that day of your death. You must not play with the Eucharist. Intellectuals we seem to be in this time and age and generation. If it doesn’t pass our intellect or scholarly ways we can’t consider it. The Universe wasn’t brought into existence through a human being’s mind. Have you met a saint in person? A saint is a person who has followed God closer then the average person and has no selfish inclinations to lie to you. Unlike people who live their lives in great selfishness. If a saint tells you something, you should consider it far deeper then your average person. Saints are not average people and if someone that holy says something, consider it.

  37. Those devil worshipper is doimg too much. They do even ask themselve who e one create them and give them life, they should be very thankful their heart still beating and still have breath every morning they wake up

  38. Since the satanic ceremony is still scheduled to go on, during the Holy Hour that the bishop will offer, perhaps he should encourage people to pray the “Chaplet of Reparation to the Holy Face of Jesus.” Just Google “Holy Face Devotion” for more information.

    “Arise, Oh Lord, and let Your enemies be scattered, and let those that hate You flee before Your Face!”

    To bad they can’t get a processional marching around the building chanting that in Latin!

  39. Leave it to the faithful to immediately find something to argue about – the Mass. Latin or not? I will tell you, your arguments detract from the truth that was being expressed in this article. Whichever side you took. Evil exists in this world and you have succumbed to it, by allowing your personal tormentors of pride and arrogance to draw into an argument which distracts and draws glory away from God.

    This story is profound. I converted 17 yrs. ago, yet each time the Host is Consecrated and I encounter His presence I tremble and tear. In responding, “I’m not worthy that you should enter under my roof” I want to fall flat on the floor. I don’t 🙂 lest I frighten the wonderful elderly Filipino ladies I sit behind who model such beautiful faith for me.

    So glad I read this, and I pray each would retreat from their personal opinions of embrace one another as brothers and sisters in His Church whether they experience the Mass in Latin or not.

    1. Good grief, people The first consecration of the bread and wine by Jesus was in his native language -Aramaic.
      Latin was chosen by the church because they believed most people understood . It was the “vernacular”language at the time. There is nothing sacred about Latin anymore than English or Russian or whatever. It is nice if you feel good about one or the other but faith is not about feelings but action.I am sure Jesus did not feel like being crucified but he did it anyway

    2. God has blessed you with a deep understanding and feeling for his presence. Many of us perhaps aren’t as spiritual as you. It takes visual stimulation to help us to recognize the reality of his presence. We humans, for the most part, have a kind of blindness to the spiritual world. I have seen dogs and cats that run or bark/hiss at empty rooms, found to have had some demonic presence in them.

      When a priest shows a lack of reverence or shows a hoe hum attitude toward this most wonderful miracle, it rubs off on many parishioners as it did me. I had no belief in the real presence until I started attending the Tridentine Mass because it all about the ‘real’ presence.

      I attended a Novus Ordo Mass in Wisconsin which had all the reverence for Christs body as the Tridentine Mass I normally attend. In fact, I was moved even more than usually because of the deep reverence the priest showed for Jesus in the Eucharist.

      So the point is that the Novus Ordo can be just as moving, perhaps even more than a Tridentine Mass but it takes a priest who shows the fact of Jesus presence in every movement.

      My point in the first place was not to point out the greater holiness of the Tridentine Mass, but its ability to help us recognize the power of his presence. I pray that many more Novus Ordo Masses will emulate the beauty and reverence in that Wisconsin Mass I visited. We need every help we can get in our faith in this ever more secular and sin filled world.

      May God continue to bless you.

  40. On the basic part about demons believing. I very strongly suspect that there are many who actually believe but, who are in opposition, and so claim to be atheists so as to broaden the attack against Christianity by using a basis of deceitful means.

  41. Monsignor I do not agree with the view you have that people who take the Host on there tongue can spit it out, how likely is that? Have you yourself ever see someone who receives on the tongue spit it out? NO People who receive on the tongue have respect for the presence of Jesus in Communion. Those who receive in the hand do not for the MOST part. AS a matter of fact American Catholics are not supposed to be receiving this way anyway because it as an abuse. I know the American Bishops gave permission but was under false pretenses and by Cardinal Bernadine in June 1977. Pope Paul was against this practice and so it is liturgical abuse.

    1. Pope PauVI was against this practice but he granted it anyways instead of strictly and definitively forbidding it courageously by an act of power and authority.
      Maria Simma the famous seer who encountered many Purgatory souls told that she met once that of a bishop who appeared with his burning hands. He said her that he was in the Purgatory for a long time until that scandalous practice will be overturned by the Pope.

  42. Sheena, I can tell you for a fact that people do it. My friend was an exorcist, and delivered one of the heads of the coven or what ever title you want to give to that person. They will do what ever it takes. If that means putting it in there mouthh and wlaking out of church and spitting it out they will.
    As for the other posts about which Mass seems to be more Holy, I think we are getting into scrupples, a little bit. I have seen so many people delived of demons at a english Mass. It is not the words, it’s the faith, words are just words. You need to have faith. Either Mass is valid, but to say that one Mass is not valid, is almost getting into a spirit of religiousity. These are the things that tear churches apart. For those who love the Latin Mass wonderful, for those who don’t care for the Mass that is fine too. I think the important thing is that we show up with FAITH. Personally for me, I hate to recieve the eucharist on the tongue and if I had too, I probably wouldn’t, as it causes me a panic attack. I won’t get into all that, it’s just my personal problem that I am trying to over come, but it is a big deal for some of us, I don’t know why, but to recieve it in the hand makes me feel safer. I think God understands, why I don’t like to recieve it on the tongue. I dont’ understand it, it is probably something to do with germs, or sticking my tongue out, that bothers me. I just kow that as long as I show up in a spirit of PRAYER and FAITH God will be there. I think we get to involved into all of this sometimes and it causes such division and the devil loves that! He will feed off of that like you won’t believe, as if he can devide the church and have people fighting about this or that, then we have lost sight of God, and we are playing into the devils tactics.
    Just my two cents.
    Oh one Last thought. The Satanic Mass that was suppose to be held, and the Consecrated Host was returned, how do we know that they didn’t keep the Consecrated Host, and just get a Non Consecrated Host to give back so they could still perform ther sick ritual. We have no way of really knowing do we? That is one of my biggest questions? And I haven’t heard anyone bring that up. Everyone is happy the Host has been returned, but what host has been returned? We still need to pray, it may not be over, like we think it is.

  43. Does anyone know that the Satanists returned a consecrate Host instead of an unconsecrated one from a store? Maybe to avoid the lawsuit, the Satanists mailed an unconsecrated one and desecrated a consecrated one.

    Since I always go to the Traditional Latin Mass instead of the Novus Ordo Missae, I always see people receive the Blessed Sacrament on their tongues. Communion in the hand is bad, in my opinion, because it promotes sacrilege. During the New Mass, a man received in the hand turned away from the extraordinary minister, and dropped the Host into his shirt pocket. I I pointed to a dropped host there, too, because had it stayed on the floor another parishioner’s seeing eye dog might have eaten it. At another English Mass, an extraordinary minister brought a chalice to my pew, aimed it asked me whether I wanted some “wine.”

    I believe that the Church should ban Holy Communion in the hand and replace the New Mass with the Traditional Latin one. Sadly, receiving on the tong still doesn’t solve the sacrilege problem. A Satanist can receive on the tongue, spit out the Host, and still desecrate it at a black Mass.

  44. The discussion about the Satanists doing the black Mass and putting the host in their pocket. I’ve made mistakes at Mass. Some of it because a person influenced me. This person said to me ‘I don’t understand why we have to say we are unworthy.’ For some reason while I was in the pews and this phrase came up I didn’t say it, I agreed with the other in my mind. I had the Eucharist. I went to sleep and there were two demons one on both side of me. I was taken to Hell. On another occasion, because I was living a bit too freely, although I have lived time to time too freely, always the Mass has drawn me. I had not confessed in a long while and I was concerned I should confess but I didn’t. I had the Eucharist and went to sleep. I was nearly damned to Hell by God Himself that night. Jesus interceded.

    This is the Eucharist folks. Both times, I a Catholic, mis stepped. I had not kept up with the rules of how to approach the Eucharist. I want to highlight something to you about this Eucharist. I went to Hell for not saying I am unworthy in my heart at that point in the Mass. I was nearly sent to eternal Hell the night after I imbibed the Eucharist with mortal sin on my soul.

    I have knowledge therefore I think in part this is why my punishment was so swift and fast. The less understanding you are it is likely more leeway is given. Please notice something about the Eucharist. It may look like a piece of bread, but it absolutely is not. I know that I myself am utterly convinced of the power of the Eucharist.

  45. Very insightful article but I would add that, while respecting the authors subjective experience, some Anglican churches have had the Eucharistic Host (Most blessed body of our Lord Jesus) stolen for these evil intentions. Sadly, in an apparent age of increased secularism, satanism has seen a global increase in the last couple of decades. The old maxim, where religion (and I would add here “true faith”) decreases, superstition increases” seems to hold true in these days. St John Paul II rightly set in motion the call for a new evangelism to proclaim the Gospel of Christ. God bless you for the prudence in raising awareness on this subject in a balanced and sober manner.

    1. Thanks Fr. I have not heard this. Is there a reference. I know it is a matter of debate between the Church and the Anglican communion as to the matter of true presence in Anglican liturgies. We would not consider the true presence to generally be present there. However, some Anglican priests have been ordained by Orthodox bishops or “Old Catholic” bishops and this renders things differently. The details would be interesting.

    2. Father Todd: “Anglican churches…( most blessed body of our Lord Jesus) ”

      The question of apostolic succession of the Anglicans and consequently the mandate conferred concerning the Consecration and confection of the bread and wine into Our Lords body and blood has been dealt with by the Church long ago.
      The lack of apostolic succession should be enough for anyone, even a priest. Not withstanding the comments by Msgr Pope

  46. I believe in Christ Jesus our Lord & our God. The demons will and always shudder at seeing Jesus in the Demons do not like holy water to be sprinkled on their abode. I had this personal experience in a "haunted house" once. says:

    I believe in Christ Jesus our Lord & our God. The demons will and always shudder at seeing Jesus in the Eucharist. Demons also fear the holy water sprinkled at their abode. I had the experience once in a “haunted house”.

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