The Sign of the Cross

Greetings from Argentina!  A small group of seminarians, religious and young adults have “gone south” on mission.  We started our journey on Monday, December 27th and are now living and working in the City of Charity in San Rafael, Argentina.  We have seen extreme poverty; sat beside men, women and children with severe mental and physical disabilities; and watched a young single mother – age 14 care for her infant son.  Admist all of the pain and suffering we have also witnessed great joy.  There is much to reflect and write on, but today Im choosing to reflect on the power and the sign of the cross.

While in the Miami airport, each missionary was given a wooden mission cross.  We´re wearing them as a sign of Gods great love and mercy, and as a reminder that we are called to go forth as a living testimony of that intense love.  During these past few days, I have found myself pondering the reality of the cross – drawing strength from the cross and trying to make sense of the pain and suffering.  Through this reflection, I have  become aware of a new transformation taking place in my heart.  Im amazed at what Jesus does in our lives when we open ourselves and offer ourselves completely to Him.  I´ve learned that the more we enter into that great friendship with Jesus, the more we desire to know Him.  And the more we know Him, the more we desire to reflect His love.  Today, I thankful to the people of Argentina for reminding me about the love found in the cross. Our Savior suffered and died out of love for us.  We know that the story does not end there.  He suffered so that we may be redeemed and someday share in His glorious resurrection.  Let our lives – all we are and all we do, become a living sign of the cross.