31 Replies to “John 6 in the Key of A”

  1. That was absolutely beautiful! I don’t think I can get out any other words. Thank you for such a beautiful visionary song.

  2. Thank you for sharing! Absolutely beautiful! Made my Sunday even more beautiful!

  3. I wish to share on FACEBOOK ,its so beautifull and truth! I hold two spaces on facebook :one is Lygia Durand ,and other Brasil para Cristo, in both , I Praise the Lord ,and give my friends the chance to talk and listen about God ,about Jesus and the Power of his Holy Blood.So please if you can ,alow me to publish this video i will be very happy.THIS VIDEO SAYS MORE THAN A TOWSEND WORDS…Sorry about my english….

  4. Thank you for sharing Vinnie. Truly beautiful and inspiring particularly on the Feast of Corpus Christi

  5. Absolutely beautiful! And absolute truth! Thank you for sharing!

  6. This is a beautiful song!,Its so inspiring. I love his voice and loved the video that accompanied the song PERFECT!

  7. As i prepare to receive jesus at 537am…i am delivered to this message or video.
    your family is blessed as we all are if we only follow this love we will find jesus waiting with open arms.
    where can we go master? to receive eternal life,you give us life!

  8. Our Community is in the midst of changing (needed change) still not an easy thing for some to do. Eucharistic Adoration began laying the ground work for this change to happen. Just this morning before seeing this I was invited to do a Holy
    Hour for a Cursillo quite some distance from where I live so I was discerning whether I would be able to do it or could do it.
    Seeing this and hearing it ended my discernment process. I do believe that when the Holy Spirit speaks the willing hear loud and clear. let us pray that more will be willing to open their ears to the sound of God’s call. Thank you for posting this. Deacon Tim

  9. Thank you for this beautiful song. This email was forwarded to me via email by my sister. I am walking through a lot of grief right now regarding the passing of my father March 29, 2010.

  10. Thank you for posting this beautiful song. I think I saw him on “Life on the Rock” on EWTN. He has such a beautiful voice and what beautiful praise to the Lord Himself! God bless!

  11. This is actually called “I Believe” its by a Michigan man who was seen on “Life on the Rock” last Thursday
    his Name is Brian Flynnn nad has a web site brianflynnmusic.com

    We need new good Catholic Music like this to replacde the Koombyaa stuff from the 70s-80s

  12. It really is Him Our Savoir Jesus Who Loves each and every one of us more than we can know.

  13. Thanking God, for all the gifts he has given to the Writers, Singers,and all others Artist, that can give us these beautiful songs so that we can get closer to our Heavenly Father.

    In Jesus Christ, our Lord, Redeemer’s, name I pray, Amen ! ! !

  14. It is a soul winning song Please have such of them more in future It is very audible especially to the Indian viewers

  15. This is so moving and touching. Absolutely beautiful…thank you for sharing. It truly brought tears to my eyes.

  16. It was so beautiful that I had to listen to it again this morning! I would have liked to have posted it on my profile page…Your son did a wonderful job in bringing glory to God and His word.

  17. Wow what a great voice your son has Vinny!!!! Great song….

    My sister’s kids all have great voices too. Her son DJ is a music minister at a mega church in D.C.
    Wish they were brought up Catholic so they could see the beauty of Our Lord in the Eucharist as you have shared here in this song.
    Anyway – here is my nephew and his wife Jessisca

    1. 🙂 I had no idea of what key it was actually written in. Transposing from A to D would be quite a shift but I just pulled a key out of the air for the sake of the title.

  18. Such a beautiful song. It brings happiness to me. Thank you for sharing!!

  19. Such a beautiful song. It is wonderful to listen to and to view. Thank you Loretta for sharing??

  20. I watched you on Life on the Rock but I feel that you are part of my family. I have enjoyed seeing all of you grow up on EWTN so I guess we are family, the family of Christ. John 6 has been on my heart for over a month and then just be accident, I happened upon this website and just sat there weeping through the whole song. God love you.

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