Resurrexit Sicut Dixit (He has risen as he said)!

                  Today we acknowledge Jesus’ triumph over death. Just when all seemed a total loss, the disciples experienced his resurrected glory. To those of us who remain faithful, Jesus’ story is our story too. Whatever our crosses, trials, disappointments or set-backs, the truth is that troubles don’t last always. The Book of Psalms reminds us, Weeping may endure for a night, but joy will come with the morning light (Ps 30:5). The Easter message is one of victory for us. Whatever situation you may be going through just say, I’ll rise!  Tell Satan, “Victory is mine!” Address every fear with the words of an old song: Because he lives, I can face tomorrow! This is the feast of Jesus’ victory and ours too. Rejoice today that you’re on the winning team!


Here is a video of Resurrection Scenes from the Movie The Gospel of John   The movie is well worth the purchase price and ought to be on your shelf. The music is Mozart: Regina Caeli (Queen of Heaven rejoice, the SOn whom you merited to bear has risen as he said, Alleluia!)


2 Replies to “Resurrexit Sicut Dixit (He has risen as he said)!”

  1. I attended my first Easter Vigil tonight. I found it to be beautiful and moving. It was also emotional for me (though I did not let it show) because I really, truly felt that Jesus watched me go through what I’ve been through, He sees me burnt out and tired now and still in physical and emotional pain, and is there for me. I am not alone in my battle. It was beautiful watching people be baptized and accepted into the Church. Even with hot wax dripping on my hand I found the Easter Fire beautiful and comforting and warm. I was very glad to be off from work this year to witness this great Mass.

    This Mass was much needed for me personally to witness, so I could see that even on my toughest nights in the ER, Jesus is there looking out for me and praying with me. I realized he was there when I watched people I knew die, and He helped me through the rest of my shift. I am glad you have blogged all through Holy Week, as I am sure you must have been extremely busy!

    1. It is a very moving and encouraging liturgy. In mty parish we keep the church in almost complete darkness through the reading of the long old testament passages. And than just before the Gloria, a fanfare and on come the lights, He is risen!

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