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  1. Unfortunately, I will not be contributing the balance of my Forward in Faith pledge and instead will giving the money directly to a number of charities in the District, including Food and Friends and the Whitman Clinic. I am well versed in the teachings of the Church with respect to homosexuality and marriage, but was ashamed to be a member of the Archdiocese this week. It is difficult to believe that this is the tact that would have been adopted by Cardinal McCarrick.

    1. Francis-
      If you have read what the Archdiocese has said on the matter, I don’t understand your shame. However, if you are listening to the soundbites on T.V. or reading publications like the Washington Post, it makes more sense.

      The Church isn’t going out of the caring-for-people-business. How do you make it acceptable that the Archdiocese should partner with anyone who would require it to violate its faith? The Church must be true to her teachings. I regard staying in partnership with the city under these mandates something to be ashamed of.

      The Archdiocese of Washington is taking a bold step that I hope sets an example for Catholics in other regions. The Catholic Church can’t be bought off and it won’t sell out- it can’t, and still deal in the business of truth and salvation. I hope the faithful find the strength and fortitude to defend our faith, and our Church, in the midst of this newest smear campaign.

      1. While I left the Church years ago, I continued to support it in many areas, primarily its tradition of providing charity and services around the world. But I always thought, from my experiences, that this was one area where the Church was not discriminatory, where it, more than any Christian institution, acted as an exemplary model of Jesus’ teachings.

        So this new revelation shatters my strongest feelings in support of the Church. Yes, I can understand the issue of adoption, though this has always been an industry based on discrimination and subjective stereotypes. But the other areas are nothing less than petty. If a man’s spouse needs support, what matter is it whether his marriage isn’t in accordance with your definition? Jesus never made such a prerequisite when healing, aiding, or embracing, nor did he teach anything of the kind. Living the principles of a true Christian isn’t supposed to be easy. There are millions of people calling themselves Christians, but nary a handful who are willing to be Christ-like.

  2. Francis, I’m sorry you feel that you need to withdrawl your suppport, we will continue to serve people through all of our agencies, unfortunately perhaps not just in partnership with the city.

  3. I have always defended the Church’s right to its own view of marriage, and likewise, its choice regarding who it will marry. And, true, to comply with federal anti-discrimination laws creates a difficult conflict for the Church.

    But this decision by the Church is an insult to Christ’s teaching and model. Find me one in example in any of the four gospels where Jesus denied help and charity to a person, for any reason whatsoever? His every action, lesson, and parable endorses a love that is unconditional. “Principles before personalities” means acting according to the spiritual principles of one’s faith, rather than his or her personal or political feelings.

    Unlike your diocese, I will reconsider cutting off donations to Catholic charities and institutions to which I’ve been affiliated, because my principles won’t allow me to consequence the innocent. But I will not honor any commitment I ever made to raise my children in the Catholic faith. I want my children to follow Christ’s teachings, and not blasphemers.

  4. Hi Susan

    I’ve long given up believing in the fairness of media; this phony-balony reporting about “the Catholic Church is threatening to shut down the chairities for which it has long been known” is a good example.

    Keep up the good work! John

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