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  1. I did go to see the movie and am currently in a weekly class that is studying the Book of Revelation. To be honest I didn’t see it as a anti catholic movie. I don’t know how a movie about the end of the world would work if suddenly it showed all the catholics in St. Peters square being raised up to heaven. I don’t think the average person would read all that Father talked about into the film. It was just a movie. It was two hours of entertainment that was pretty predictable overall. I thought perhaps the most catholic moment in the movie was the fact that people DID survive. As a catholic I am thankful for the hopefulness of my religion. ” I will be with you always, even to the end of the age.” Makes me smile!

    1. Absolutely! This movie is deeply anti-Catholic. It is also a strange example of what that great Catholic theologian Sigmund Freud called the thanotos principle. California is destroyed in exquisite detail, death and meyhem are everywhere. That’s of course where the people who made the film are from. Washington is destroyed; American leaders are portrayed as wanton and selfish. China saves the remnant of humanity–and Africa is humanity’s new hope. All this coming from a rich American sitting in southern California! It’s sick.

  2. How about all Catholic disaster movie junkies

    CHEER loudly whan people of FAITH die
    “Hooray, There dead!
    They get to Go to Heaven and be with JESUS!

    Wonderful, they don’t have to stay and life through this mess

    and don’t forget to cheer at the end when the”arks” get to Africa
    Wonderful! The Curcg can bring them all to the Cahtolic Faith!
    Of wonderful the Faithful there (Africa) can teach them all the Rosary

    Stealth Evangelizers unite!

    And no my husband won’t take me. I dearly love the spoilsport anyway.

  3. 2012 is not anti-catholic– it is just anti-religious in a general sense. Catholicism goes into the ashcan with the rest of them.

  4. Excellent analysis by Fr.Barron. At the end of the film, I looked at my wife and said, ‘That movie is anti-Christ’. That, I think, is clear to any objective viewer. In addition to the points made by Fr. Barron, it’s telling that the only profanity in the film (that I heard) is the use of ‘God’ and ‘Christ’ as a curse. As a Christian, I’m not all that surprised anymore by movies that attack Biblical theism, but Fr. Barron was right, this was an especially crude attempt to dismiss the God who is there.

  5. Although I did enjoy the film. I did not enjoy the lack of faith. It demonstrated a view of “don’t bother praying to God he won’t help you” during certain scenes. While certain scenes showed that faith was all you had left. Another thing I noticed was (spoiler alert) at the end the of the movie the only continent left standing was Africa. I also saw implication of pro Darwinism. I remember hearing a theory scientists believe is that the first human evolved from africa… But the truth is in my opinion it’s just a movie. I know God has a plan for me and my family. God loves me and I love him. John 3:16! Movies like this are meant to scare you. What greater fear is there but to question your faith? But I don’t think it entirely “Godless” after all the son’s name was Noah. They entered the “ark” through the animal section “side by side”. And faith hope and love was a big part at the end.

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