Google It

Well this is a spoof of sorts: using Google to prepare for confession. But in some respects it’s not a bad idea! As a thoroughly modern member of the Body of Christ, right out there on the cutting edge, it might not be bad to prepare for confession by googling “Seven Deadly Sins.” Or perhaps make a study of pride, envy, sloth, etc. Or try googling “examination of conscience.”  Now if you google, tell the priest that you’ve done this. If he is young and hip he’ll give you extra credit and lighten your penance. If he is a lot older he might wonder what you mean by  “google”  and go on to tell you that gargling is not a sin and that it is actually a good thing to gargle each morning after brushing one’s teeth.

So, before you confess, google it.

One Reply to “Google It”

  1. I told my confessor I’d been googling.
    He gave me an extra three “Hail Mary”s 🙁

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