Pro-Life Democrats Weigh in

Many tend to think of Abortion as a partisan issue with Democrats supporting  “Abortion Rights” and Republicans as pro-Life. But an interesting situation has set up in Congress. The issue is reported over at Creative Minority Report. Here is an excerpt.

With 235 Democrats in the House and 199 Republicans it was believed that essentially any legislation proffered by Obama would sail easily through without need of Republican support. But now, the only remaining hurdle to his plans might be pro-life Democrats. US News and World Report says that nineteen Democrats warned Democrat leadership that they would oppose any bill that did not specifically exclude abortion funding.

You can read the Full article here:  19 Democrats Stand Against Abortion Funding

2 Replies to “Pro-Life Democrats Weigh in”

  1. Very interesting to have 19 democrats-Pro-choice. Im hopeful the President Obama will become spiritually inspired by the Papal’s Encyclical (Charity and Truth) that explains our truth and belief and a need for
    a moral world in respect to Pro-life. President Obama stated, that he would work toward reducing abortion. Small steps create Huge outcome.

  2. I read your blog frequently and I just thought I’d say keep up the good work!

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