In Search of Community

 A few weeks ago in my Pick a Parish blog, I shared one of difficulties in ministering to the young adult population (parish-hopping), and today I introduce a second, more problematic, issue.

A recent conversation between two young adults and a deacon went something like this:

Young Adult 1: I think as a single person it’s hard to find community, ya know?

Deacon: Well, are you serving in any of your parish ministries?

Young Adult 1: No.

Deacon: There are so many places to serve in your parish and neighborhood where you would be surrounded by a strong community.

Young Adult 2: Well, I think what he’s saying is that those are all communities where you give. And I think we’re looking for a community where we can receive.


Who is teaching us that it’s better to receive than to give? Where did we learn that self-centered activities would bring us happiness? How did we become such a disconnected generation?

Keep in mind the words of the Lord Jesus who himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.'”(Acts 20:35)

Now, I’m certainly not discounting the feelings of loneliness that some single young adults feel or the need for intimate friendships that we all have.  But here is one solution that’s proven to work!

Pray daily.
Commit to a parish.
Discern your God-given gifts. (Time-Talent-Treasure)
Use these gifts to serve in your parish and your neighborhood.

This is how we can create supportive, loving communities full of vibrant friendships which reflect the self-giving love of the Most Holy Trinity.

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  1. I recently decided to volunteer to help the RCIA program at a parish near my house and the opportunity to help others in their journey has helped ME a lot more than I would have ever thought. The group of people who share their different experiences really create that community feeling. It has also helped eliminate the parish-hopping syndrome as well, so I would definitely recommend volunteering at a parish for a solution.

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