Fr. Barron on PBS Ban of Religion

I remember back in seminary my Philosophy teacher said, “You can’t avoid having a philosophy. Even if you say you don’t have a philosophy, that is, in fact, a philosophy.” I think the same is true of religion. Those who claim to have no religion are in fact taking a religious position. To deny God or to say He should have no role is just as religious a perspective as to say God is my everything. The truth is that if God is not on the throne some one or something else is. Maybe it is the Government, maybe it is man, maybe it is me. But some one has that place in my life. I cannot escape having a religious perspective. If God does not explain this world then I must be advocating the fact that some one or something else does explain it.

Why then does the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) simply exclude one of the positions on this discussion? It appears that it is OK for secular humanists, atheists, advocates of the “new morality” etc all to air their positions, but religious advocates are banned? If the public airways are a kind of forum to field discussions to ban one side is kind of a show stopper. It’s almost like promising to air a basketball game and then only allowing on team on the court. A rather absurd and boring game actually. You might notice that in its logo above PBS is starting to portray its viewers as blockheads. Is that how they see us???

Here is what Fr. Barron thinks:  (Incidentally there is a lot of discussion of this video at the youtube page if you click through you can read it).

3 Replies to “Fr. Barron on PBS Ban of Religion”

  1. Not allowing a variety of views and topics is stifling free speech. Our Constitution grants us freedom of speech, not freedom from speech! This is why our Congressmen must defund NPR, PBS and the National Enowment of the Arts! Why should our funds support only the atheist, homosexual agenda when others are banned from their airwaves?

  2. Not allowing Fr. Michael Barron’s well done documentary is stifling free speech. Our Constitution grants freedom of religion not freedom “from” religion. Yet PBS which is subsidized by our tax monies grants air time to atheists and homosexual advocates? This is why Congress must ban any federal funding of PBS, NPR as well as National Endowment of the Arts.

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