The Church in Belize

This video is almost 9 minutes but if you have a chance to view it, it is a very inspirational look at the challenges and charisms of the Church in Belize (Central America). Almost 70% of the population is under 35 but most of them are unchurched and uncatechized. The SOLT (Society of our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity) Fathers are featured here as well as their evangelization project to blanket Belize and surrounding countries with Catholic radio programming. Pray for the SOLT Fathers and their work in Belize, make watching this video your prayer for the people and the priests there.

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  1. This is a great video to come upon. The first time I went to Belize, John took me to the bus station. I was working at a Catholic radio station at the time in Louisville, KY and we had a great conversation. Then, the building was only up to its second floor when I saw it.


    1. Thanks for your comments and thanks for posting this Msgr. Pope
      David Whalen, Director of La Mancha Media

  2. Dear Msgr. Pope,

    Thank you so much for posting the video. I was just praying this morning asking God for more funds so we can complete the Project. The Bishop is scheduled to Bless the Building in September Thank you for the prayers we need them desperately.

    May God Bless You
    John Marhevka Project Director S.O.L.T. Belize

  3. God has been speaking to me and telling me about how Belize going to be where he is going to place me. So can anyone tell me whats going down over there… Thanks and Shalom. May God be with you all. Clay

    1. It seems to me, Clay, that the video is of great help in describing the situation there. Not sure if you got the chance to watch it but it is worth a look.

  4. A wonderfunl video; I wish all the best and look forward to my visit this December with International Service learning (medical mission)

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