Habits of Highly Effective Bishops

The latest issue of Gloria TV News has an interesting post on Habits of Highly Effective Bishops:

Catholic journalist Mary Jo Anderson made a survey among Catholics on the habits of highly effective bishops. As a result, Ms Anderson published an article on the website California Catholic Daily. Here are her results: A highly effective bishop must be 1. personally holy. 2. promote and defend the authentic Catholic Faith. 3 Be committed to Catholic education. 4. work to strengthen the Catholic family. 5 foster vocations. 6. love the Mass. 7. Be willing and able to start from scratch. 8. Be vocal in the public square.

Not sure what it means to be willing to start from scratch. Anyway, here is the report:

One Reply to “Habits of Highly Effective Bishops”

  1. Willing to start from scratch? Um? I’m not quite sure myself what this means, but I would like to suggest that “starting from scratch” is not the right phrase, that one might say, “to see the same things in a different way” or approaching traditional teachings with new eyes not new revelation. Just a thought.

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