What is Wrong with this Picture?

Did you ever think you’d read a headline like this: “Catholic Priest Arrested At Catholic College for Protesting Abortion” ?? The video below records the event.

Some will say that trespassing laws have to be enforced to prevent Notre Dame campus from being over-run by protesters. But if Notre Dame wanted to avoid protests and controversy maybe it should avoid doing things that are controversial. Also, in recent years it has often been said that Catholic Colleges can’t just be places where Catholic teaching is promoted since the “academic environment” demands an open discussion of issues with all sides of the issue aired openly. As is often the case such “lofty principles” are shown the door when the issue is abortion or some other facet of traditional Catholic moral teaching.

As for Father Weslin, he surely knew the consequences of his actions. Those who engage in civil disobedience are usually well trained as to what to expect. He was told he’d be arrested and so he was. But doesn’t it seem odd for a Catholic College to arrest a Catholic Priest for protesting abortion? What’s wrong with this picture?

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