One Minute Apologetics

  There is a lot of good apologetics material out there. Apologetics is not the art of apologizing for Catholic teaching but rather is the science of explaing Catholic Teaching and defending it.

One teaching of the Catholic Church that is often attacked is that of the perpetual virginity of Mary, a teaching that goes back as far as we can remember in Catholic Tradition and Dogma. But Scripture does mention “brothers” of Jesus. What are we to do with all this? The following video answers the question. Pay attention it moves quickly but John Martignoni does a pretty good job of tackling the question in just about a minute.

4 Replies to “One Minute Apologetics”

  1. At the end of the day, I think folks will use any secular logic to deny that Jesus is “Lord” and being “the Lord” he can have a virgin Mother. That’s why we have faith. Lord help our unbelief.

    1. He was not. He was born of Atia and she was not a virgin 🙂 Sounds like you might have been viewing Zeitgiest the Movie which makes all kinds of outlandish and unsupportable claims about at least five different virgin births, none of which stand even the mildest historical scrutiny.

  2. My humble thoughts about this conversation about the Virigin Mary. Even if I were to agree with you Jasmine. What’s your end goal in refutting the Virginity of Mary? Debating just to debate? Does this conversation allow you to become closer to Jesus. I believe you love the Lord Jesus. Let a lowly servant like me, see the love of Christ in your comments.

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