If God is Good and Powerful Why is There Evil in the World?

                               One of the most powerful questions that people wrestle with is the problem of evil. Why are there natural disasters, disease and death? Why does God stand by when moral evil is committed? The struggle with this problem has made some give up on God. In the following video, Fr. Robert Barron presents the problem and wrestles with it. Please be aware, Fr. Barron does not “resolve” the problem of evil. No one ever has. But he sets out well the limits of the discussion and the limits of our vision and thereby helps us to remain humble before so great a question.

2 Replies to “If God is Good and Powerful Why is There Evil in the World?”

  1. I like Thomas Aquinas theory on evil. I always believed that God didnot create evil, but it took me a while to accept that God Permits evil and understanding the Greater Good could come from it. You really have to experience evil in your own life or the life of a love one to see and hopefully able to grasp the Greater Good!

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