On Race, COVID and Just About Everything Else

Here is a recent interview I did with Simone Rizkallah of Endow. It began as a discussion on race and COVID and expanded from there. I really enjoyed our conversation which was wide ranging and personal.

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  1. Thanks. Great. Except I’d discern a significant dichotomy in your description of the relevance of the principle of mind.
    On the one hand you reject (too much) the post-nominalistic turn to mind as the “locus of truth” and away from objective reality as this locus. On the other hand you rightly affirm spiritual mind as crucial for discerning our distinction from animals and the existence of God as Logos-Creator. Such mind IS the ground/locus of truth. And scientific methodology, especially the gradual nature if its discovery of the ubiquitous intelligibility and usefulness of matter to the mind of Man discovery has supported this “turn to the subject” in a way that avoids subjectivism. Scholasticism couldn’t see this due to its concepts of unintelligible prime matter and static Form.
    St John Paul II, it seems to me, not least in the foundations of his Theology of the Body, was looking for a new synthesis of the subjective mind as locus (his phenomenology) and the objective as real (his personalism).

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