There Are Few Easy Cures, as Seen in a Commercial

The commercial below illustrates an important principle about side effects. When faced with a problem, we often wish for an easy cure, one without any personal costs or side effects. However, in general, the bigger the problem, the more drastic the cure and the larger the side effects.

In my experiences with deliverance ministry and pastoral counseling, I have found that many people are desperate for a solution. They are hoping without hope that a few prayers will drive away the demons or problems and everything will be fine again.

Most people want relief, not healing — but healing is hard work and true deliverance often requires making significant changes. Some of the uncomfortable “side effects” can be having to confront past sins and traumas. Relief is cheap but often temporary. Healing is costly, but it brings about more lasting effects.

Enjoy this zany commercial. I got a particular kick out of the ending, when the pets reap a bountiful harvest as a side effect of the family’s unusual stress reduction technique.

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  1. I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and really begged for relief in prayer, but it didn’t come. However, it has been through the painful work of facing my fears that I have grown closer to Jesus. Actually, the compulsions in OCD are ways of seeking quick relief from anxiety producing thoughts. However, the compulsions (relief) enslave you and offer only temporary relief. Healing brings lasting peace. That is where I am heading with God’s help.

  2. Dear Donna,
    How I could relate to what you expressed through your comment except I am unclear
    as to what you meant in your last (2)sentences.Did you mean you are going to seek out Professional help(like Counseling,Psychotherapy,etc.?)Would you mind answering this
    question for me?
    Praying with you for God’s help.

    1. Hi Barbara,
      Thanks for your question. I am currently in counseling with a Catholic therapist. He is using CBT, ERP, as well as Affirmation therapy (Dr. Conrad Baars work).
      Healing is happening, but it is a long journey. No more quick fixes. 😊
      Thank you for your prayers. I will pray for you too.

      1. Donna,
        I can’t thank you enough for replying to my question. I know about the
        kind of therapy you are engaged in and know about Conrad Baars affirmation
        Therapy.You must live where they have Catholic Therapist as I can’t find
        one where I reside(which is WV)I did find a female one who use to be Catholic.I don’t know if you would be comfortable with giving out your personal email address but I wish I could get in touch with you.I
        wouldn’t expect you to do so through the comment section of MSGR. POPE’S
        blog.If there is a way I could get in contact with you would you please
        let me know?

  3. Hi Barbara,
    I called my parish office and ask for a reference to a Catholic therapist. The one my Priest referred me to lives about 1 hour away from me. We have been meeting through skype and it has worked well. Thankfully, the one I was referred to just happen to work with OCD clients.
    Also, there is a website, , which may be helpful in finding a therapist close to you.
    One site that I found helpful and encouraging is hosted by Shannon Shy who overcame OCD. His website is and facebook page is His facebook page is a little like an online support group.
    I don’t mind sharing my email address with you, but I have no idea on how to do that.

    God bless you,

  4. Donna,
    Thanks so much for replying once again and for all the Info you shared.I really.
    appreciated it! I don’t know if this will work or not but I am going to try
    and bring attention to FR.Pope in the comment section and see if I give him
    permission if he will give you my email.I don’t know any other way of going about it or if he will agree but to me it’s worth a try. You can check to see
    what happens.

    Note from Blog Administrator – The e-mail address has been forwarded as requested.

    1. Dear Blog Administrator
      God Bess You…and Thank You So VERY MUCH!!
      Wishing you abundant blessings of God’s grace.
      Barbara Taylor

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