Seeing Beyond Appearances

The commercial below presents one of life’s little tests: the “middle seat.” There’s a lot of stress involved in flying, and on top of that we’re in like cattle. Finally, there is that dreaded middle seat. We’re not happy if we’re consigned to one and often feel apologetic about it to our seatmates, even though we paid for the seat just as they did. If we’re seated in either the window or aisle seats we hope that the person in the middle isn’t too unusual or, dare I say, too large. Yes, we all hate that middle seat and only hope to minimize the discomfort.

This commercial depicts the unfortunate truth that we often judge the physical appearance of others above other things. It is the first thing we see (or experience) of another, but one would wish we were less shallow.

Perhaps airplanes are the last place we will overcome this tendency, for our meetings there are just by chance. Pray for the ability to avoid hasty judgments based on mere appearance, particularly in the more stable settings in your life. Mere appearance leaves too much undisclosed.

Enjoy the commercial, with its clever twist.