Humility Lesson, as Seen in a Commercial

Humility is often discovered in little ways. Misplacing my keys is a frequent method for me. I’ve got my plans in mind; I consider myself well-prepared for meeting I’m attending; now it’s time to go. Uh oh, where the heck are my keys?

Mr. Cool as a Cucumber is now all hot and bothered, frantically rooting around for the missing keys. My staff has learned to keep one eye on me and the other on my keys!

I thought about this as I watched the commercial below. In it, a starship is under attack. The brash, unruffled captain walks bravely to his ship, ready to save the day. But then . . . well, see for yourself.

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  1. Just got done reading one of your articles on the Roman Missal’s lack of Latin appendices, has it ever struck you as odd that in pretty much all of the Collects the prayers are addressed to Almighty God instead of Father? A change I often notice

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