One Reply to “Cardinal Wuerl’s Christmas Homily”

  1. Cardinal Wuerl premises his homily on the notion that Jesus was God’s gift to humanity on Christmas. He states that Christmas’ perfect gift is God come among us. Of course, the Cardinal is aware that Jesus came among us at the moment of His Conception.

    If you listen to the Christmas homilies and messages of other bishops, you will hear the same error repeated over and over. They announce, correctly, that a Son is born to us; and then they continue on to say that Jesus came among us today or that now (that He has been born), He is one with us.

    It is well beyond the time when this warping of the true importance of Christmas should cease. Jesus became Man, totally and completely, at His Conception. He came among us at that time. He could not “come among us” again. The Father gave us this Gift of His Son once; He could not do it again nine months later.

    Jesus’ Birth was one event in His life. What makes it extraordinary, aside from the Virgin Birth, is that upon His Birth, mankind could finally see the Face of God. The world had waited for its Savior for millenia and that Savior came to us on the day we celebrate as the Annunciation of the Lord. At Jesus’ Birth, we (through Our Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, and the shepherds) could actually SEE that Savior. To see the Face of God: that is the gift of Christmas.

    I call on Cardinal Wuerl to correct this error next Christmas and to make certain that his fellow bishops and all priests never again preach that Jesus came among us at His Birth.

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