Finding your Proper Focus as Seen in a Commercial the commercial below is certainly over-the-top, it provides an image of the way too many people live their lives.

The commercial depicts a ship being tossed about by a terrible storm at sea. In the midst of this crisis, however, all that the captain can think about is that he “needs” to make a sandwich with antibiotic-free chicken!

Our lives are caught up in a great drama; we are at war with our adversary, Satan, who seeks to destroy us and the people we love. Yes, a major storm that rages about us. Too often, though, we focus on silly things like football, Hollywood, or even a chicken sandwich. Diversions have their place, but when they dominate us, they keep us from focusing on the critical issues of our lives, such as where we are going to spend eternity.

In a funny twist at the end, the captain, who is relating the story of the terrible storm, is interrupted by an irrelevant question from his own son. A man who himself has trouble knowing what is important must now suffer his own son’s ridiculous question.

The lesson is this: Know what is important and teach this to your children. Chicken sandwiches are nice, but the banquet of Heaven is far nicer. Always keep your eyes on the prize; sober up regarding the storm and the cruel tyrant who seeks to keep you from getting to Heaven.

2 Replies to “Finding your Proper Focus as Seen in a Commercial”

    1. YES! But – for what . . . . . . . . ?
      I know what you’re saying – but let’s not lose sight of the real plot!
      Sounds a bit like the children of Israel in the desert grumbling about the food – instead of keeping their sights set on the TRUE goal . . !!
      God bless all . . . .

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