A Picture of Brotherly Love in a Commercial

There’s something interesting about the love between brothers and the way in which they show it. There’s a combination of competitiveness and deep love: “I get to hassle you, but no one else had better do that!”

In the video below, although the older boy continually reminds his younger brother who’s in charge, there’s actually some underlying respect in his actions. It’s as if he’s saying, “I know you can take it. I’m just trying to prepare you for life. There’s always going to be someone bigger and stronger than you are, so stay humble!”

When someone else torments the younger boy, however, the older brother steps in. Without uttering a word, he conveys this message: “I’ve always got your back.”

At times, Jesus was pretty tough on His Apostles, but I suspect the situation wasn’t so far removed from what this video shows. Jesus was saying, “I’m getting you ready for something that you can’t handle right now. And remember, I’ve always got your back” (see John 16:12 and Mat 28:20).

Enjoy the video.

One Reply to “A Picture of Brotherly Love in a Commercial”

  1. Brothers tolerate teasing from each other because they know it’s done out of jest and love, not out of spite or hate. It’s a truth we sometimes forget, especially when we grow older and forget about our youths, and when we give into not offending others’ feelings: to tease out of love, and not be so sensitive out of pride. Indeed, at times we can proudly refuse to be teased yet hypocritically tease others. Hypocrisy, like over-sensitivity, is a mark of pride. Another mark is hating those who disagree with one, even branding them as evil (homophobic, fascist, etc.). Prudence discerns hatred and spite from love and tolerance, and humility is prudent as submission to the Lord Who grants us brothers and virtues, feelings and storms, and everything. Feelings change, like sand, but virtue remains good and vice remains evil, and, like a rock, a sure foundation for life is better than an unstable foundation for life, especially when the storms of life come.

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