In Sickness and in Health – As Seen in a Powerful Video

blog.9.4.15The video below has a scary side to it. Because of this, even though it is a cartoon, I do not recommend it for young children. But its message is an important one on several different levels.

The title of the video, “In sickness …,” is a reminder of one of the parts of the marital vow: that the spouses will remain faithful to each other “in sickness and in health.” The video shows the power of faithful and abiding love to bring healing, consolation, and peace in some of life’s darkest hours. The opening darkness and delirium of the sick man gives way quickly when his wife embraces him in love. The confident conclusion of the medical doctor (who in the dream is not able to stave off the attack) is based firmly on the fact that the man is in the care and embrace of his loving wife. All is well. Love conquers even death.

But of course physical illnesses are not the only struggles endured in life. The man’s fears and dreams may also be seen as a metaphor for the Scripture passage that says, the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. But resist him, firm in your faith (1 Peter 5:8-9). One of the most central aspects of our faith is that we should love one another and help one other through life’s struggles. When one is weak, another is strong. Woe to the solitary man; if he falls he has no one to help him up (Eccles 4:10). Love and understanding provide sure support in getting through the dark moments of life.

Finally, the woman in the story extending love can also be seen as a metaphor for Mother Church, showing love and prayerfully embracing us in our struggles, both in sickness and in darkness.

Enjoy the video. The opening section is scary, but light comes!

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  1. The love of The Church, the love of the mother and the love of the wife. These are all synonimous to me. All of their embrace gave me comfort and yes, love. Love that was described by JESUS as, ‘Greater love hath no man than this that a man gives his life for a friend.’ The Church, the mother and the wife are the epitome of what JESUS said. They are amidst of us with their sacrificial love that make us understand and feel and wonder of GOD’s unrelenting, unsurpassed, total, encompassing and irrevocable agape Love. YHWH SHAMMAH.

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