When We Cast Off What Has Empowered Us, Only God Knows How Strange It Can Get – As Seen in a Commercial

The video below shows a world gone mad, a world in which chaos and unpredictability have taken over. Watch it and see the cause to which the commercial ascribes the problem. But allow it to be an allegory of what happens when

  • we let God’s presence die in our hearts and minds,
  • we let natural law die in our culture, and
  • we let time-tested and ancient wisdom die in our times.

Yes, as the commercial says, only God knows what awful, bizarre, unexpected, hideous, and devastating things can happen when we let important things die. Don’t miss the allegory; its message is powerful. A lot of unexpected things happen when we cast off what has empowered us.

2 Replies to “When We Cast Off What Has Empowered Us, Only God Knows How Strange It Can Get – As Seen in a Commercial”

  1. I have often argued with online commenters that although they think changing society to eliminate Judeo-Christian moral law will usher in a kind of utopia, they are very, very wrong. (Have you ever heard the remark that goes something like, I can’t wait until all these old Christians and bigots and haters die. Then our world will be free of them, and we will finally be free.) I tell them they think the society and civilization we currently enjoy (or should I say, we enjoyed until the recent past), such as the rule of law, justice, and even what is considered proper social behavior will all stay the same as they knock out the foundations of what makes it so. I tell them without the 10 commandments and moral laws being obeyed in the everyday lives of most people, the sense of trust and order of our civilization will evaporate. Of course, most don’t believe me. But how can you change such fundamental things and not see a corresponding degradation in society? As a case in point, look at what has happened to children and families since “women’s lib.”

    I also find commercials like the one here very ironic, since atheists have a very strong representation in the higher levels of our society, including among corporate leaders who make cell phones. Yet, this commercial implies that God creates and maintains order in the universe. Interesting.

  2. Some time ago a Roman Catholic U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas, uttered the words “natural law” and the negative reaction to it was swift and harsh. The media, intelligentsia, and an assortment of others criticized him for months afterwards. Ironically, they treated it as a heresy.

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